So for the time being, happy enough with 2 birds: I got K by launching Pinky high and down into left hand V lifting bits left and right to drop down and cause good destuction. I completed and get three stars on all four levels level 1 – level 2 – level 3 – level 4 – Thanks to all for advices onlevel 2, I was completely stuck aiming left side trying to detonate TNT. Also, if Yellow bounces off and gets stuck above the block wall at upper right, the TNT might not detonate unless the bird rolls off and drops on it. The right structure was totally gone. Maybe i’ll try to record this when i have a spare time i’m really busy cause this week is test week.

Awww Id get the egg but dat looks kool: Thanks surfcow my freind; i had 3 stars with first vid.. Heehee sweetp look up at Estar video …. I had trouble getting the snow square up in the right side structure to break.. Alternate strategy is to lob bomb bird over the floating presents and pig, landing between the cement tree and the right structure. Tell me about it. I don’t have, or know of, a video capture app for Android. That goes for Angry Birds in general, that sometimes when you restart and repeat a shot you get a string of results that are the same, but then after a while it shifts to something else.

I agree with what others have said, minimum k after the first shot to score high. You should get a special badge for your diligence in tracking these angyr BirdLeader whatcha think? It took two birds for me – I usually wait to post my scores until I have finished a section, but I will tell you that so far I have gottenpoints. You have a nice score as well!!! I don’t have, or know of, a video capture app for Android.

I even got k with 1st bird but then totally belly flopped YB and he wonderhaam his mark perhaps my hand was shaking from the stress of making the 2nd bird bingo.

Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham Level 1-2 Walkthrough

I have probably played it more than a thousand times trying to get a decent score. So is there a secret angdy to getting the tree to break apart? Yes, they are in orderI thought it made sense to post them in order.

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Awww Id get the egg but dat looks kool: This is 1B way. The egg bird should kick off the concrete tree in the middle to do some damage. After every reset or so, I seem to actually move the slingshot a bit of left or right for adjustment. With a little agry, the TNT will detonate and clear the level. A few strats of my own: Just seemed to witer even longer for 9 to open this morning.

Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham Level Walkthrough | AngryBirdsNest

After it opens the first time it should not freeze up again. Big congrats twylatime — fluff up the feathers and enjoy. Thank you Mighty for the strategy.

We will get an inital strategy online ASAP, then see about higher scoring strategies. This is hands-down the most frustrating level in Angry Birds history. We are the go to place for walkthroughs, news, and much more. The trajectory should be fairly flat or slightly above horizontal depending on initial angle of approach. Two birds yelded with lucky destruction. Take it out and activate the bird to lift as much as possible on the right side killing the helmetted pig.

Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham Level 1-12 Walkthrough

Wow, way to go sunshine! Unfortunately, this usually doesn’t leave you with any good choices for the second shot. The timing required to pull off a low-trajectory grab is way beyond my bloodshot eyes and shaky hooves. Iphone4s turned off app and restarted the phone and seems to be working now. The key to achieve a high score is how much the destruction value is, not by how less the birds being flung.

Does anybody else feel like there should have been a golden on this level? Who can I call? For the one birder scenario, the designers must have been to recess when their physics classes were held. Great score on this level. It just takes a lot of repeat attempts to finally get more destruction and points. The concrete blocks just vaporise on impact with the flimsy wooden doors and have no chance if getting through. VERY nice crash caused by crossfire.


Tried walkthrough over 50 times but wintter strategy given by iammightyworked on 3rd attempt. I keep hoping I can get the white bird low enough it will send his dead carcass towards the other tree on the right which might be more points.

They just seem to grow in size. You definitely need the little snowblock to be destroyed by flying debris from the first shot, but that tends not to be sufficient if you want the second bird to destroy most of the remaining material for a good score.

Placement of the bomb so it slides to the left after hitting the log house on top seems to be key to getting good damage.

As always, you guys are the best. Things look so much naturally this way.

Angry Birds Seasons – Winter Wonderham – Walkthrough 3 Stars – Видео Dailymotion

Only tip I have, which may or may not be a good one is that I aimed pink bird to hit exactly at center of V and let it self-activate. Got lucky, debris fell on tnt and it took out entire left side, Second, flat trajectory into left side of right structure.

Aim 2nd bird slightly up to cut all ropes. Heehee sweetp look sasons at Estar video …. Leaderboard, AppCenter, awards and is the first platform where updates launch But that seaaons rare today given benefit to Android users.