Parmeet says come Rajji, we will marry again. Bua ji scolds them and says you have changed again. I have head ache. Rajji gets pregnant and Sohum is taking care of Rajji,soon they are in love but can’t say that to each other. They begin sincerely with their work, as memories of their past life immerse together, as they embark on this new journey together, with their better halves at their side, helping them all along. Raymon says wash these clothes.

Bua ji talks to Angad and asks whats the problem, she wants to get Kookie married and no one looks happy. Page 1 of 1. Parmeet says I think they should get a moment which can unite them and we will create it for them. I m giving Soham a shock. The doctor checks Rajji and asks her to take complete rest and not do any work. Bani talks to Parmeet and says Gagan is unable to talk to Randeep. He says we did what you said, as we were helpless, but not anymore, we will do what our hearts say.

Rajji says I made desi ghee halwa, lets eat. He holds her hand and they take the desl. Bani says Rajji is not happy with this decision.

He starts crying to get their sympathy. Someone comes and says Shamer Bhai wants to meet you. Raymon says the clothes are not ironed and you are going to rest, do you want tahsan to complain about you to Soham, then his brain nerves can…………. He thinks it’s Bani and grabs her. Rajji says keep Bani happy.


Parmeet says lets do it then. Bani says that she can forgive him, but cant look back and be with him. She says if anyone try to talk to me then see. He looks at her and says you are looking good than before. He bbani her with it. She says I have travelled from far, I smelled this halwa. Basant says, lets meet. She says because I have a mannat.

Bua ji says its my house. Soham thinks about their old romantic moments. Raymon says enough, we did wrktten cheat him, he signed the papers himself. Everyone smile seeing them. Soham says I know Rajji is my wife, Rano mum and you are my dad, I know you have cheated me and my mum. She says I have to work its important.

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She insults them and says how dare you cheat Soham. She says you are so hurt. He says I will make my image and then ask your hand. He says I will make promises which I will keep till I die. She says yes, but we have to know what Gagan thinks about him. Raymon thinks her dreams have shattered.

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Raymon says how will you prove it. Bua ji says its my house.

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They agree and smile. Parmeet says you are right, I understand. She tells Vivek that Saurabh is your brother. Parmeet says yes, I will marry you today again, come with me.


He takes a rose and sits on his knees.

Rajji is gripped by a sinking fear and soham notices, much to his horror, that bani is standing, right undeneath the chandelier, as it starts getting loose. But Parmeet does turn up at the last moment. Kookie scolds Guggie for not trying.

Bua ji says doctor will prove it, as he was mentally ill and you have tasha his advantage. Views Read Edit View history. He says I got it.

Soham asks Bani to consummate their marriage leaving her shaken in Bani Ishq Da Kalma

Bani and Parmeet come to them wearing garlands. Bua ji says give it.

Ammu santhosh 20th May – 4: Bani says try to remember, with whom were you, think again. She lies to him again and Kookie feels disturbed, seeing the way the things are shaping up.

Rajji cooks in the house. Saachi comes out and sees her parents. Tasha says I m doing this for Soham.

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Kookie and everyone smile. He says tell something, its ok, I understand. How will Bani stop Soham now? She tasyan I should have not gone from here. Bua ji says give it.