He fell in love with scientist Aya Stacy. Sazer-Gorbion’s main weapon is the Blast Saw, a serrated broadsword. I loved this show. After meeting Ran, he developed a crush on her, but he would never admit it. It can absorb beam attacks through its chest and redirect them back to the opponents. Click here to know more. He is the calm-and-collected pole of the tribe, a shy but caring and compassionate person who deeply loves his sister.

Once learning the location of the Dimensional Transport Machine, the others go to fight the Bisil Soldiers while Tarius activates the machine’s self-destruct. Despite that, he enjoys teamwork and thus was soon convinced by Ryoko that the Sazers have to work as one big team. Sazer-Dail’s main weapons are the Axe Tagger, axe -like tonfas. By setting the Knuckle-Riser to “Transformation Mode”, they can equip high-powered suits that transform them into GranSazers. Her new partners, Ken and Tenma, were awakened as Gransazers later. Sazer-Gorbion’s second attack is known as “Aqua Slasher”. Sazer-Velsou’s second attack is the “Velsou Illusion”, a psychokinetic attack that disables her enemies.

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She attacks Samura while he was tracking her, fighting Tenma and Gou. Sazer-Tawlon’s main weapon is the Bull Cannon, a pair of shoulder cannons.

Sazer-Remls’ main weapon is the Iron Gale, a rifle cannon. The sazers Who dives in they on’s their granvehicle mode and says granvehicle launch and dives in. The GranSazers can also perform a combination attack called “Formation Zero”. Sazer-Tragos’ main weapon is the Spiral Horn, a drill arm. Upload menu files with. The second time was when Logia and Tenma fought one on one in their respective mechas with Tenma barely securing the victory. Super Battle Memory The Justirisers: Its finishing move is ‘Hyper Burst’, which unleashes the full power of Guntras and the 4 ChouSeiShin combined through the laser array on its chest.

Unlike chouseisnin subordinates, Lucia and Radia, Logia cannot grow into a giant; instead, he summons his mecha, which is always on standby in outer space, and which Logia alone can summon. The Mammoth-Bosquito is destroyed by Great-Lio bransazer by Lio-Sazer using the final move, Howling Crush, which the power of Gransazers, Justirisers and Sazer-X combined into the finishing attack to destroy the monster.

When ordered by Belzeus to kill Ran before her power is can awaken, Brighton summons Algol to carry out the task.

As a result, the three series have fallen into relative obscurity in both Japan and English speaking fandom circles. In Warrior Mode, Garuda mostly relies on the ‘Garu Claw’, which are his talons on the back of his fists, for close-range combat. Levithan and Gunceasar are summoned to weaken Garuda so eject the Bosquito, who starts to absorb the fpisode life energy to regain its strength and create two clones of itself.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. When asked by Yuka, she said that she had such skills because she used them grznsazer what she used to do, being a ‘friend of justice’.

Under her personal training, Tappei has now become a freedom fighter.

However, Logia summons DaiLogian to Earth and use it to destroy the Gransazers once and for all for the sake of his fallen comrades, taking out Tawlon, Remls, before going after Gorbion in a plan to upset Tarious. However, going against the order, she use Accelerator to increase her power, turning into a giant version of herself in spite that that Accelerator’s long-term effect would make her into a mindless monster and eventually kill her.

He often shows up just in time to level the odds. Just in time, she was saved by Sazer Remls Akira Dentsuin.

Ggransazer analysis of some ancient crystals lead him to discovering the secret of the Gransazers, the Chou Seishin, and the Gransazer War. But the Pisces and Gans’ interference saved their leader as he decides to wait for DaiLogian before calling our the Flame Tribe for a match between Garuda and DaiLogia before the others arrive to form DaiSazer.

Immediately afterwards, he defeated Velsou. Evolution of Indian Television Serials 11 Tips. Episoxe would never give up, no matter how bad the odds are for him.

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Later that day, she and her long-time friend Tappei were attacked by Lucia, and Ai had to transform to protect herself. Search the product to add.

It is a black humanoid robot patterned after a wolf and its power is almost equal to Daisazer’s. Once healed, she help Ran awaken as the Communicator to become the vessel of communication between Earth and the Warp Monarch high council.

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Despite frequently bickering with Mika, Tenma developed a serious crush on her as the show progresses. He likes dolphins a lot. Tenma eventually got the Guntroller and freed Guntras, who joined up with Cloud Dragon as an ally to the Sazers. Jan 26 Thank you for rating this Product.


Ai was in love with Akira Dentsuin. Often he is not to be found, for Naoto constantly seeks to become stronger and better, not just independently but in total isolation, despite the fact that he already is a powerhouse. Dpisode Dragon’s Zodiac sign is unofficial 13th sign, Ophiuchus. After meeting Ran, he developed a crush on her, but he would never admit it. Furthermore, he is equipped with the Ocean Shield which can be used for his another move “Mirage Shield” which can multiply for defence purposes.

DaiSazer is a very deadly creature and it is armed with a deflector as well as a laser array on its chest, but DaiSazer mostly relies on brute force to deal with its opponents.

By the events of Justiriser, Naoto founded a gym where he meets Shouta, who reminds him of Tenma. He may seem distant and cold but is loyal and compassionate and if required, a fierce fighter. Choseishin makes his debut as a Sazer when Leviathan becomes endangered due to Radia’s presence and motives and promptly saves Tarious from impending death.

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Later, while the others destroy Algol, Tarious goes after Brighton as the Garban pretend to beg for his life so he can kill Tarious with his guard down, only to be shot down by Logia.

Its finishing attack called ” Burning Falcon “, which involves the shooting of a giant fiery arrow from the Falcon Bow. He enjoys having his powers and playing around with them, always up for a challenge. Jan 24, In fact, without them the person behind this project would have never been aware of these series at all. However, the Guntroller has fallen into the gransazer’s hand, the mission ends an absolute failure and ordered to fall back by episove superior.

I loved the show gransazers of cartoon network Grnasazer former was, as previously mentioned, somewhat expensive and worded awkwardly enough that the plot could sometimes be hard to follow. He later began to explore Tokyo in search for Mika so she can help him gather data of the present-day society.