Geum is desperate to meet his father and so one day sneaks into the palace with the local poor kids who go there for a feast. Then they turned their head on Yeoning geum as possible King. I believe because contaminated seafood for his symptoms. That was the meaning of being concubine with suk won rank they became part of the royal family. Han Hyo Joo Main Cast. Lord Jang rocks up looking very smug indeed.

She was respectful and always waited on Queen Inhyeon and Queen Inwon. Dong yi is the best role model ever. Im Sung Min Supporting Cast. He is worried what will happen when he is discovered. Whether we end up with puffy eyes.. I believe because contaminated seafood for his symptoms. There is so much filler and slack in these dramas that could be safely removed. His teacher is shocked when he sees the book which has surely been planted by JHJ.

First of all dong yi was really her real name we know that dong yi was a common girls name back in the old days of the chosun regime and her real family name was choi and she was workin as a palace maid servin under queen ichyeon dramacrazg third of dong yi was a real life person who lost her father and father who framed fo killin nobles and she enters the palace as a palace maid then works her way up to sukbin so how can dramacrwzy say such things if u dont have the real info and facts.

The episode historical drama is looking at a episode extension, according to a source with MBC. Jung Eun Pyo Supporting Cast.

DY discovers that the Finance minister and police chief are involved in corruption — allowing yangban to have twice as many slaves and charge them epiaode tax. Epistaxis is the right spelling First of all my friend we know dong yis death isnt comfirmed but she did die of a rare form condition of nosebleed called epitaxis since u was not supposed tilt ur head wen blood travels through the body and third of all chun soo lived long.


Excellent acting as well. But at this point, the drama is still very far away from that.

In history Soron backed up Jang hui bin, Actually she probably enter to palace thru her family connections with soron, jang hui bin came from chuning class middle class they were not nobles but they were professionals, her family came from a long line of translators. The King takes time to decide how to punish JOJ.

DY is seriously injured and losing blood and the doctors are called. I just put some information up here about this. The main actor over acts and the other co-stars don’t act too they’re potential. That way he will be safe and a legitimate heir to the throne. The kid version was so much better! And so for the final episode. Its currently airing here in philippines.

Actually it should be just 25 or 30eps so no dragging part. Dong yi the best.

So, the drama is fiction, as nobody knows what really happened. Edith…marathon-ing for a series we are so caught up in episod a thirlwind is naturally. He is determined to be a good king. Everyone laughs when they hear that she has chosen someone that has no power in politics.

Nobody can believe it.

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I just watch Dongyi this year here in the philippines, and its not waste of time to watch it i really enjoy watching this drama. Her mother and brother also get the death penalty.


Sorry about the typographical errors. The King reveals that he never wanted to execute JOJ but since she showed no remorse he had no choice.

Dong Yi recaps episode 45-60 FINAL

I’m loving Baker King and don’t mind the over-acting. I read your comments and you seem quite impolite in dealing with people. He arranges to meet the Qing drmaacrazy outside the palace to tell them.

Just don’t extend more damacrazy 6 episode. She wants him to suffer too. I love this story so after reading these comments I think u have put a wrong story on tv.

Jung Sung Yoon Supporting Cast. If all of us has a good heart like Dong yi and wise and knowledgeable thinking like the king.

Episode 59

I simply luv this historical drama. Episodes by LollyPip. DY is recovering from her injury but goes to see JOJ. January 30, August 7, dramasrok Dong Yi. Was the first son of King Sukjong by consort Jang proclaimed king before Yeong son?

I love watching this drama “Baker King Kim Tak Goo” because it’s really really good storyline and make a interesting drama and great casts, of course!