I love weekend family dramas but I gotta have a likable heroine s and hero s , but there’s really no one to like here no matter how much I like all the actors. Even many people hat e WJ, he still be WJ like the writer want him to be. The lead actor is also very handsome and acting so well. Watch Episode 14 Sub. Cancel reply Enter your comment here I could never figure why this drama had good ratings with such a lame storyline.

I also don’t think MK should be with the brother it to close to my precious HJ for me to even think about Except for sung jae, of course. Episode 9 My Daughter Seo-young: I know that SW should end with HJ, but can’t the writer make it in more elegant way? The more I watch the more I like HJ,the love she gave SW is ideal love like a mother loves her child always wishing him happy. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Well even I know, that in the past he was not that kind of man, SY leaving the family made him change. From her perspective, Lee Seo-young is the woman who stole the man she had loved for six years.

So just because the writer has planned HJ with SW, that be it, no need to say HJ is a better pair as she can live less. So this is an interesting development.

It was like the drama has come out of the dark ages and progress has finally come. I want to know what SY will do if she knows how much SW sacrifice for her. Seo young is so frustrating. She slips off her ring, then submits her resignation to Lawyer Go. The Brain’s PD is also partly to be blame!!


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And with her lie, her spunk also disappeared into thin drmaacrazy. Im now following up on hj-sw marriage life and i hope there’s some development bet mk and hj brother soon. Come on people admit it you would of done the same or episoce He stops her in her tracks and asks:. You has your opinion, as we do!

Posted December 30, Storylines and characters are not doing it for me is the only way I can describe it. Announcements February birthdays Login Issue.

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SY deserves for what she has created, WJ may of been a sap previously for being a nasty — but would you of done the same if you found out that your marriage was based upon a lie!! I know that SW should end with HJ, but can’t the writer make it in more elegant way? Watch Episode 44 Sub. He is only brainy on paper, but still a Seoul Univerity dropout!! Cancel reply Enter your comment here Someone should do a TV series about it!

SW teasing HJ was so cute. Watch Episode 6 Sub. Gala December 20, at 6: I just remembered reading about this show not long rdamacrazy, and seeing the title, those were the words that came to my mind at first.

Thanks thanks… hope we can read the mini-recap in few hours from now…. No one deserves that sort of treatment either dramacrazyy or otherwise, it serves no purpose but to create hatred and coldness between people. We hear and read really strange things this days in Dramaland.


Domino December 21, at 1: And HJ family what is that? What a selfish woman. First with that Kim fellow drama having trouble finding an airing spots among 3 key broadcasting station, now with Lee Bo-Young. Episodes Weekend Dilemma: I got dragged into the drama because of the duaghter rating but realized that it was misleading.


Guess you like woody man!! Watch Episode 49 Sub. Except for sung jae, of course. Since things with Sung-jae have been resolved.

Episode 12 My Daughter Seo-young: The symmetry makes them quite attractive and almost, but not quite, boring to look at. Live All right reserved. Not to mention the fact that it might be the only thing to save it from sinking financially.

It was a good thing I did take the Pill. I like her strong character and his American style.

Anywaaaaay, with all that being said, it became difficult for me to watch the show in a linear fashion to avoid getting high blood pressure.