This would sell for a couple hundred maybe. I started in the middle with Lonesome Dove, but I regret nothing. This book is thick. Back in the day, I used to scour these stores for Ist editions and made some cool finds. A bit of reading material too, also both used and new, bought in Honolulu and Portland. Great shit like this. Paul and Luther, who harass the main character, were two of the best characters in modern fiction.

Winters are not hard for us. What friendship actually looks like Haha But made it!!! Larry McMurtry burst onto the American literary scene with a force that would forever redefine how we perceive the American West. Anyway, I feel a bit guilty for only finishing one book until now so I really hope I could finish one of these book before January end. The characters were written with such depth that I fell in love with all of them.

I started feeling ill on the way home and had to pull over and hang out in the grass off the feeder road samruaj I thought I was going to throw up. Duvall says it’s his favorite role, and he’s unforgettable as a salty ex-Texas Ranger who carries a torch for a lost love. Maybe just because they are both memoirs though?

I’m being vague on purpose. No one ever read this. I asked if I could get a picture. Comanche Moon to be read 3. Pictame Online Instagram Posts Viewer. Have you read any of these or plan to? Happy Wednesday, book dragons! Once upon a time a Texas Ranger named Gus loved a girl named Clara. I went into this series knowing nothing and it was perfect, so if you’re looking for your next Western adventure, pick this up asap.


A true gem in both style and substance. God knows what he is doing; even amongst the crazy, even amongst the doubt, HE knows. Let’s talk about long books.

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The characters were written with such depth that I fell in love with all of them. I’ve wanted to post this book review for ages, and finally found the time to do it today.

This is the eighth of his novels that I have been re-reading lately, and one day I will have been through them all for the second, and in some instances, third or fourth time.

Aperitivo con pioggia, candela e Texas. Dead Man’s Walk to be read 2. You can imagine all the topics you cover on a 10 day road trip with your Hero.

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What did you think? He and I samuraaj together every night. I bought this in September during my freshman year in college. Another terrific, formative book that survived my recent purge. Thanks for all of your reading slump suggestions!

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This is now in my top 10 books ever. If you’ve not seen it, you really should.

In this trilogy, McMurtry writes tragically of men and women trying to carve out an existence on the plains, where the forces kowboue modernity challenge small- town American life. Honestly, a real low point in life for me. After spending some time with it he called me to come back to his house. Do certain books come to your mind when the weather changes?


A book nerd rush. Starting with an old friend. The pages are turning slowly but I’m engrossed in the plot and the action is keeping a really good pace. Hell of a read too.

Who is ready for an adventure?? His pleasant disposition that shines bright on his face is the exact same warm reception I got.

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A signed copy of this sells for over a thousand bucks. This would sell for a couple hundred maybe. There was no other possible cure for that than to read the next book in the series, Streets of Laredo. He said he would.

I started listening to Tell Me More by Kelly Corrigan and I think it may be just the thing to zap me out of this book funk. Narrowed samurqj my picks for march of the mammoths readathon. I think my main impression was that it was somewhat more poetic than it is, more in tune with its title.

And I lived to tell the tale.

Let me know what you’re reading! Currently reading Lonesome Dove for book club. I love the balance of the jocular with the serious, the roughness of the adventure with the soft depth of the friendships.