It broadcasts in Arabic and French. Frequency and Polarisation V. Al Aqaria Al Ordonia. I cannot thank you enough for your efforts! New public television channel specialized in Saudi and Arab drama. Middle East Broadcasting Center General family entertainment television channel. E36 Chadli AhmedIraqi

Nat Geo People HD. National public television first channel. Al Hiwar, the Dialogue. Izeiri AhmedIraqi Sajjad It is possible to get nilesat signal with 1. Al Karma TV M.

The main terrestrial TV channel, it also broadcasts on satellite.

Sada El Balad Drama. Transfer from Nilesat to Nilesat Al Arabiya info card. Al Etihad TV left Nilesat. Your efforts are much appreciated. Asheera TV test card.

Cinema One Global TV. Sky News Arabia HD. A5 AhmedIraqi Chadli Al Jazeera Channel HD.

Majestic Cinema – Nilesat Frequency

Hona Al Quds Satelite. Majetsic language Ahmadiyya Muslim television channel. Education Channel Yemen after a break back on. United Arab Emirates Arabic or English. Al Jazeera Mubasher Misr.


C17 AhmedIraqi Chadli Bollywood films dubbed into Arabic. The new frequency is on the list above and here: C10 Satty AhmedIraqi Who runs this amazing website? I want to know its frequency n details.

Imam Hussein TV 2. Sada El Balad HD. Christian television channel from Lebanon founded in by the Catholic-Maronite Church. Misr Al Zera3eya Nilesaf. Television channel that broadcasts conferences live without editing or commentary, using subtitles when translation is needed. I am in Uganda – East Africa. S at E xpat. Al Shahed Al Mostaqel.

Al Manarah Science Channel. Ukraine Russian or Ukrainian. Al Karma TV M.

Al Erth Al Nabawi. Tunis Al Watania 2.

List of free-to-air Egyptian satellite television channels – قائمة القنوات الفضائية المصرية

Fox Movies Middle East. Very useful and helpful. Abu Dhabi Sports 1 HD. Loyal to the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Ku-band, not available dinema India.

C21 AhmedIraqi Zyadsat Glory of God TV. Headed by Egyptian journalist Abdel Latif el-Menawy.