Then I started noticing stuff Specially when it does more than keep your favorite timepieces well-wound. They do snap into place, rather than squeezing on the “ears” to lock them in. The Mens Collections Shop the collection. Take the time to register your product for the warranty and print a copy of the receipt if bought online. Features a stainless steel bazel and distinctive coloured hours, minute and second hands.

Carbon Fibre Jewellery Box. The device may function as watch-keeper, as well as cigar humidor, TV, sound system and a lot more. Very annoying and disappointing. Indulge yourself with our exquisite Watch Winder Safe made with Lacquer finishing with black velvet. Please double check your mobile number and click on “Send Verification Code”. The new winding cabinet is technologically superior to cabinets you have seen so far. The drum has been redone here to offer space for three watches, though the new pieces are 7 cm smaller than the original and weigh only 14 kg. This should easily fit on just about any bookshelf or dresser.

No lights, no function, no nothing. Free delivery to orders in Singapore. A caabinet timepiece for the individual who knows to make a statement. There were fingerprints and smears on the chrome parts, and it had not even been out of the box 30 minutes. Indulge yourself with our exquisite Watch Winder Safe made with Lacquer finishing with black velvet.

Your Mobile number has been verified! It’s a little different from my other winder, but that’s not a big deal. This watch winding cabinet comes in a single stand design and is clad in leather. Carbon Fibre Jewellery Windr. Not buying any others. I have written to Wolf to see what my options are.


This should easily fit on just about any bookshelf or dresser. All the wires appear to be connected, so that didn’t seem to be the problem.

Wolf Designs 456702 Viceroy Collection Module 2.7 Four Watch Winder with Cover

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Dottling will produce only 20 pieces of each of the winders. Push the turn button and the tube spins another degrees to reveal the second panel gigantks 21 watch winders.

Best of all, the Gigantis comes with a small fireplace.

Be the first to rate this product Rate this product: With 16 radially-arranged locking bolts and 32 cogs, the safe was about 28 sq cm in size windfr weighed under 30 kg. Skin care Face Body.

Over-The-Top Watch Winder Cabinet

No, you will enjoy unlimited free shipping whenever you meet the above order value threshold. You may also like. What happens when I have satch item in my cart but it is less than the eligibility threshold? Lacquer Range Jewellery Box. Then, when I pulled the plug out of the power socket in the back, the socket came right along with the plug.

Right out of the box, it was inoperative. It operates through an electronic magnetic working mechanism.

The Gigantis Watch Winder by Kudoe, Schli & Matz

This cabinet is for those who want to make their prized timepieces a focal point of their living room rather than dressing room. And I am not Free Shipping All orders of But they are not as customizable in their programming, they usually require two watches per cuff, the motors are extremely noisy, and they don’t last very long. The lighting system in the cabinet is designed in such a way that it highlights each of the watches placed inside when you open the cabinet.


Another good feature is that the device can be controlled directly from your smartphone or via the in-built touchscreen. I have average size watches mid to upper 40 mm and they fit just fine smaller cuffs can be ordered separately for women’s and children’s watches.

No need to worry about your luxury watches no more. Cylindrical in shape, the safe sports two sets of winders that can hold up 21 watches each. Superyacht maker Ferretti bought by a Chinese company.

This is my second, and last, Wolf watch winder.

The Gigantis Watch Winder by Kudoe, Schli & Matz

Livingstone Timepiece Black Build on a solid structure of stainless steel. InWatdh created the Colosimo as a cute- looking safe that houses and winds just one watch. I had an identical 3.