It’s just shy of 10 pounds, making it incredibly nimble, although the Dyson DC59 Motorhead weighs half of that, at 4. Neither vacuum was able to pick up all the cereal at once, but not due to lack of suction power. On a low-pile carpet I created three separate lines of baking soda, cat litter, and Cheerios, then passed each vacuum over the lines to see how they fared. On the positive side, that only happened during this particular test. Being a cordless vacuum, it is understandable because of the limited power supply but this would be a great product to have if your home has mostly hardwood or thin pile carpet. That way, you can charge one while you vacuum with the other. Removing it is easy as twisting the lid and pulling a tab to lift the filter off. Visit manufacturer site for details.

On the go with Hoover’s Air Cordless pictures 18 Photos. The Air Cordless can hold up to 1. Use warm water to wash and dry it on its side for 24 hours. This almost makes it possible to vacuum in the dark but why would you? Attachments and Features Perhaps my favorite feature about the Air Cordless is also one of its simplest. Which Picks Up Better? Dyson DC44 vs the Hoover Air in this cereal pick up test on carpet….

Hoover Air Cordless Series Review & Rating |

These are baagless pre-selected by Amazon to give an un-biased review on a product that has yet to be released in the market. Reviews on carpet cleaning were mixed, some say it was good enough to clean carpet and rugs while reveiw said it did not have enough power to deep clean carpet.

That midvacuuming effort kind of defeats the purpose of an efficient, cordless design. During testing, it also helped illuminate some hair on the floor I wasn’t able to see with the normal overhead light.

The Air Vordless comes with two removable minute runtime lithium ion batteries, a battery charger, a reusable filter, a dusting-crevice tool combo, a swiveling dusting brush, and a separate brush roll specifically for bare-floor cleaning. The Air Cordless can hold up to 1.

This almost makes it possible to vacuum in the dark but why would you? To charge the batteries, you need to place them in a charging cradle that clearly shows when they have reached a full charge.


The LithiumLife battery takes 3 hours to fully charge. Rather, some of the Cheerios on the periphery of the vacuum head were pushed out to the side, requiring me to make a separate pass to get them all.

The Hoover Air Cordless Series 3. You get all the benefits of an upright vacuum—namely plenty of power and a large dustbin—along with most of the benefits of a stick vacuum, like a lightweight, cordless design.

While it’s designed to transition easily from carpet to hardwood, tile, or other hard surfaces, the two brushes complicate things a bit. That makes the Air Cordless Series 3. It’s an attractive, full-size vacuum with the ease of use of a stick model.

I wanted to see if the nozzle could clear the Cheerios — rather than simply pushing them around the floor — and if they made it to the dust bin — rather than getting stuck along the way. Removing it is easy as twisting the lid and pulling a tab to lift the filter off. PCMag reviews products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Visit manufacturer site for details. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

While the Air Cordless has a bigger dustbin than the Motorhead, it was easier to get clogged. Hoover has put their thinking caps on and added a hose, wand and a bunch of attachments so that you can clean the other areas like the blinds, stairs and upholstery.

It really is the crossover vehicle of the vacuum industry.

Given the nearly degree swivel abilities of the vacuum itself, this should be just about everything you need to get into most corners of your home. The relatively light weight and lack of wires make it easy to navigate from room to room. It basically means the vacuum uses three distinct air channels to lift and remove deep-down, embedded dirt. He previously covered mobile technology for PCMag and Gigaom. The Air Cordless lasts longer than a stick vacuum as well.

Hoover Air Cordless review: Pros Long battery life. The Neato Botvac Connected is the best-performing robot vacuum cleaner we’ve ever tested, That way, you can charge one while you vacuum with the other.


The Hoover Air cordless 3. As soon as you turn it on, an LED headlight at the bottom of the vacuum lights the path in front of you.

Hoover Air Cordless Series 3.0

Not only is the Air Cordless lightweight, it’s also very maneuverable, with a pivoting nozzle that can navigate around furniture and other obstacles with ease. I used the Huawei Mate X and now I’m a foldable phone believer.

This newsletter bagleess contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Did Hoover finally break the code with the Air Cordless Upright 3. This will work great on pet hair. The name Hoover is synonymous with vacuums. The result is the cordless upright — a model that claims to have the power of an upright and the mobility of a stick vacuum.

Some larger debris can get trapped. The 50 Best iPad Games. I hpover appreciate that it comes with two batteries.

Hoover Air Cordless Series 3.0 Review – A Cord-less Upright With 50 Minutes Of Run Time

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Neither vacuum was able to pick up all the cereal at once, but not due to lack of suction power. Your email address will not be published. I had ten minutes to quickly clean area rugs from cat hair. These are nice additions for the most discerning clean freaks, but I found the standard accessories to be just fine for my needs.

It stands just under four feet tall, and the handle has a rubberized grip that’s very comfortable to hold. Hoover will give you a full 5 year warranty on the whole vacuum. Learn how your comment data is processed. Removing and emptying the bin is simple: The fruity Cheerios test results were very inconsistent.

What if I told you about a product that will change the way you think about these cordless cleaners? It’s only big enough to charge one battery at a time, though.