Once Yoo Ra finds out about their relationship, this is where it all begins. January 15, at Lovely drama for all to watch. He then agrees to marry Yoo Ra. Actually, there are probably going to be spoilers so read at your own risk. She is smiling and looking up at the sky.

Yeon Hwa also finds out about Cho Ru Ba’s true identity. Its a nice drama and im glad at the end the devil ones see the result of their action and justice is served but the beginning of the movie was TERRIBLE!!! Does yu ra learns lessons…. He also starts a close connection with Yeon Hwa’s sister, Soo Ae. Thanks for following me. He believes that Yeon Hwa has caused Yoon Hee and his non born son’s death, and thus uses power to get revenge. As you can see, this drama starts out intense from episode one.

Because she is in jail, she is only allowed to take care of her baby for 18 months, and the baby has to be sent away, where they can get picked up after their parent is released from jail.

Review: Yellow Boots (Ice Adonis)

Pls wen wil season 7 b out. Email required Address never made public. This show is very intense from the beginning.

Yoo Ra is ruthless and sunopsis will stop at nothing to get what she wants. And the help of friends and family she finally finds peace.

With the help of Zorba she finds the light at the end of the tunnel. She was once a maid of the Ha family. I’ve been watching Korean Dramas for nearly a year now, but I feel like I have only begun to I don’t think she fully acknowledged her fault up to the point that was shown in the conclusion of the drama, but her final line “mianhada, Seol Yeon Hwa” reveals a glimmer of self reflection.

Once Yoo Ra finds out about their relationship, this is where it all begins. She repeatedly stated that she would go all the way to the end with her deception, and she really did take herself to the boundary of morality and threw herself over the cliff into the abyss of evil. Retrieved from ” syno;sis Seasons 5 nd 6 are out in Nigeria. Does yu ra learns lessons….


He dies after saving Yeon Hwa’s son. This page was last edited on 15 Januaryat Yoo Ra went completely insane in the end and kidnapped Yeon Hwa’s son.

Ice Adonis Synopsis:Korean Drama

Then she looks up at the sky and smiles. She is strong, smart, and never let her loss hold her back. At times, he finds out about a few of Yoo Ra’s plans to ruin Yeon Hwa, but has no idea Yoo Ra’s plans years ago when the incident occurred, but adois later found his wife suspicious and teams up with Kim Tae Il to find out if Yoo Ra is really the murderer of Yoon Hee. Later on, Yeon Hwa draja released out of jail earlier, and she decides to bring Taeyang home, but she quickly finds out that Taeyang is nowhere to be seen and that none of the kids found at the orphanage is her child.

Sometimes my post will appear in my Facebook and other times not. For the novel by Vera Lysenko, see Yellow Boots novel. Email required Address never made public. Nd I hope she gets to knw her son is not dead. Please let korrean come out, the movie icee ended in other parts of the world. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: And anyway i just cant belive zorba dies!

Newer Post Older Post Home. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Her thick-skinned character would continue to plot and even when her husband turns against her, she continues to try to gain his koreaan. However, when Yeon Hwa is released from jail, she realized Taeyang has been taken away. I just wish they end up together.


Yoo Ra then, comes up with a plan to blame Yeon Hwa for the accident, with the help of her father; a judge, and a police officer Park, whom she and her father bribe.

March 3, at 1: As Yoon Jae accurately stated, “I lived with the devil. Once in prison, Yoo Ra faced the same bullying and wish for death as Yeon Hwa had. OMG korean drama pls, we are going crazy in adoni dis seanson 3 in Nigeria we need to watch d end d lil envier yoo ra and what rely happen to ms ice adonis seo yeon hwa so pls lets sm1 reply us on where to download it.

She planned to escape that day with the help of her friend who had also been in jail with her but had been released earlier. When will season 5 be out.

Shnopsis for following me. Because of these evidences, Yoo Ra had kidnapped Kyung Sook 2 times, leaving synopsie hospitalized and disabled, for a while. To protect his daughter from being sentenced for murdering, he takes advantage on his position as a jadge and teams up with Yoo Ra and Chang Do, and sentences Yeon Hwa. With one unfortunate accident, where she accidentally hits Yoon Hee with her car, she gets an opportunity to make Yeon Hwa disappear for good. She returns to see Yun Hwa at the accident scene and accuses her of killing Yun Xigetting her father to bribe the police officer Park to destroy any evidence found at the scene.

January 9, at