I grew up in Nigeria and I know that it is rarely malicious, often affectionate. Some even provide an option to download the movie streaming directly from their feeds. I felt like if produced differently it could have, perhaps, been funnier. Hackers can do anything and one of their targets is private websites that store movies for restricted access. Hopefully I will get to that. I was impressed by the efforts to make this a unified Nigerian affair. As I wrote this today, I saw the news of another bomb in Kano at the Kwari cloth market.

I dislike taking pictures in conference settings under muddy lighting, and the flash on my camera is broken. I had been taking two days and an all nighter every week trying to write my weekly column. You need to find a website that will offer information regarding the new Hausa movie releases. He has lived a good life but is now slowly dying. He had apparently struggled with the illness for some time. I wrote more detailed thanks in my column last month and still more in the acknowledgements page of my dissertation itself. Therefore, almost all of my photos are pretty bad. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

It was nominated for four. Posted in African cinemaOasata filmNigerian film. I kept up with the column at Weekly Trust until August.

But more than anything, it was community. I am hoping to finish my revisions in a week or so, submit to the university, and move on to the next thing. It enabled me to hole up in Madison, Wisconsin, to focus and finish writing my PhD dissertation on Hausa literature and kassata, which I defended about hauda month ago. We arrived at a village a little bit outside of Dutse in Jigawa, and we ate lunch before starting to shoot.

Hopefully that will mean resuming more regular blogging. Ali Artwork poses with his award for best editor and me. The rule of search engines is that the higher the quality of a website, the higher will it be ranked kkasata the search engine results page SERPs. We will keep laughing, even when, perhaps, we ffull be crying. I think that is the longest I have ever neglected it.


I finished the PhD and then just kind of collapsed. It is also important to remember that you can only access old or classic Hausa movies from the public domains. Some even provide an option to download the movie streaming directly from their feeds. Most of all I miss that.


There are many posts I have wanted to write, but I put them off because there is always something else I am supposed to be doing. The character of Ibro took on a life of his own. Today, though, I am missing Kannywood. Thank you to all of you, who have supported me and encouraged me during this long, grueling, depressing, yet also sometimes exhilarating process.

Thus, when searching for the best website, include keywords such as free, sponsored or paid. Hopefully I will get to that. And I realized he made people laugh in the midst of all of these horrors In October there was even a Ibro Likitan Ebola poster floating around on Twitterand that perhaps it is this laughter, these stories, these songs, these dreams of ordinary people in ordinary and extraordinary times, that are what help us.

It is a quiet, moving film about the ordinary people behind the sensational headlines that make up history. Only a few months earlier I had moved from Kano to Jos to try to work full time on my PhD dissertation. His comedy was bigger than fear and hatred and politics. Ali Nuhu and me on set Mutallab, August This is a collaborative wiki-based web page and directory created for the dissemination of accurate and organized information about Hausa movies.


These people, my home.

How To Download and Watch Nigerian Hausa Movies Online For Free

Like any fan, I have watched dozens of his films—playing in the background on Africa Magic Hausa as I would write in my room or in the little kiosk where I bought yoghurt and bread when I lived in Kano. I need kasaat see it one more time before I write a review.

Homes left behind never are. Abbas Sadiq performs at the Kannywood Awards. Even with all of my exposure to Kannywood, I remain bashful in the presence of fame. But let this serve as a start. Friends marry, move studios, leave film kasaat other work.

So, on my way back to Kano I detoured through Kaduna where the film movoe being shot. He will not act in any new films, but he will stay with us in a thousand different comedies. Paid options give you the flexibility to choose very high-quality HD movies depending on how much you can raise.

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Musa passed away last week on 10 Decemberdue to complications related to kidney disease. He has lived a good life but is now slowly dying. Missing Kannywood Posted on May 9, 9 comments.

Therefore, almost all of my photos are pretty bad. Tahir in MarchKano.

For paid sites, you omvie be needed to pay some money before you can access the files to download or stream. I felt like I had been adopted into a family, and I spent much of my time in Kano in studios and offices, hanging out, listening to gossip and political debates and jokes.