He is drowning into this drama, seems far away from his true character, but he said he is not regret it. I still can’t believe this is how this series ended. Be the first to create a discussion for Gu Family Book. I must use this power responsibly! Yoram October 25, at 1: I guess I was right about asking my question about Kageshima yesterday. I cant make any sense of this.

Duh-duh June 25, at 9: Biae June 26, at First off, the manhwa. There is always a phone PPL. Gosh, I cried so much that tomorrow I will just stay at home because of my swollen eyes.. He had something that belonged to each of the men of honor in a display case; nice touch. I haven’t watched Merlin s4 yet so nothing gets resolved yet?

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The writter must have a great joke!. Kang-chi thinks in voiceover: All we did was come back around to the romance.

And yes, I agree that Inuyasha was a lot better as a whole in its execution of the similar premise between the two shows. I love the ending part, I dont know why many people did not like it but It would be great if there was a second season, though I am with GF on her analysis, and I thought she touched on all the points where this kitu went wrong, and the potentially interesting plots that could have been explored.


Back to my thoughts. Yes, the product placement was ridiculous! I guess it’s better for your flower to wither than get ripped away. Kangchi was something like. From the ending alone I would suspect there to be a season Unless it was closer to the heart than the shoulder. I still can’t get over how the ending is so similar to how I imagined.

A very obscure signal, I realize — sorry about that. And I actually don’t mind with almost all cast being reincarnated in the same lifetime.

In the end, I got cheated with this Reincarnated ending. Here’s my alternate ending preface: There were a LOT of elements similar to, if not ripped from Inuyasha in my opinion. There might be a twist for the forecast right?

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He holds her close as he breaks down in tears, and then he narrates: But it episdoe looks like KC and YW are caught in this kind of endless, hopeless loop too. I actually feel weird how it came out almost exactly as I hoped for.

Kang Chi waiting for years is just too unimaginable for me!

What dfama the difference between those two words? The last 2 eps are horrid, which amplifies the out of place quality of the ending.


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What I couldn’t forgive the writer for was the ending. The fortune-teller said that she better not stay with the person she meets under cherryblossom and crescent moon if she wants to stay alive, thus, after seeing kangchi at the exact condition, she died.

I want to watch 20 more episode at leastt!! I think the manhwa is InuYasha. I liked the 1st ending, it had finality. I found this funny X’D.

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Everyone is outside waiting to say goodbye, and he bows to Master Dam to thank him for everything. The beginning was a great introduction and the first episodes were good, but the writing began to drive the show in to the ground for me. Wont that force Wol-ryung to wake up from his sleep?

There is much wasted potential, but it was entertaining for the most part.