Amon has pictures of Mechs on his wall….. I thought it was great that they had metal bending be a major part instead of just being forgotten. Those facial expressions… Mark my words: Let’s talk about this amazing show! When all of the nations united, Aang founded Republic City , the main region that Legend of Korra takes place in, to unite all the nations and benders into one main area. Remember the first time you saw lightning being bet? Arcticblast I cannot be stopped. Well to be fair; Ang had to be dead with the whole reincarnation thing.

He did make an awesome old man character, if you remember him posing as “Mr. We have too many of those types. Can’t really speak to the plot yet, as I don’t have much to go on, but it has potential to be pretty damn cool. Makes me remember why liked this show so much! Legend of Korra as this is not the first Legend Of Korra thread. Do the main characters

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It was also interesting to see that metal bending had become a legitimate form of bending, and not something that only Toph could do. The Legend of Korra. This series takes place a century or so after the first series It’s actually about 70 years.

Where he retook control and finished it his way. lfgend


Probably, totally, I don’t know. I was just sad to find out that Sokka was dead. Check out the results of the Smog Awards! Guh, that was fantastic.


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Yes, the whole video is 40 some minutes. I’m glad he showed some expressions at the end.

Legend of Korra from the. They named the capital of legehd great land “Republic City. Basically, episode 3 was where shit suddenly got real. I was actually quite sceptical, wasn’t sure if this was going to be some stupid cash in, or just try too hard to be as good as the first series.

I didn’t notice this before, but it turns out that episode 2 is also available and IMO its better than the first one. The humour and action is all still there. So good The video is the 40 minute video on the bottom of the site.

Still its a good episode and I’d recommend it to any of you guys that liked the original episods.

The Legend of Korra Podcast. The season officially starts tomorrow! Cartoons Legend of Korra. Something I heavily enjoyed was the music they picked for the show.

It was mention in some epilouge of some sort currently there is a Avatar comic of Team Avatar after the show had ended that Aang had discovered a new colony of Air Bison and Air Lemur. This is my first LOC fanfiction. Also I eagerly await for Korra to become fully skilled like Aang. You can watch episode 1 and 2 consecutively on Korranation.


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King of Character and the theme of deception within The Legend of Korra. In describing Henry Rollins. Pages 1 eppisode 3 4 5 NEXT.

Todd Haberkorn – Wikipedia Fan Request: Legend of Korra – facepunch. Which were pretty high. Are those words in respect to each link, or just an unsure sentence? The Last Airbender recently, and finished the series. How about that new episode?

Toph indeed discovered “Metalbending. The writing was phenomenal, and I enjoyed seeing the development that has happened in the last or so years. You know what that means? Now I have a huge problem with that, dang it. All in all, very entertaining and I’m looking forward to future episodes with high anticipation.

I’d rather wait until the actual premiere on TV. To avoid any spoilers I will say that the episode is interesting, but weird in that the setting is vastly different than from the original series.