In this connection, I might note that this paper was originally written as the. Blackburn and Ramanujan, Surpanakha seems here to be boasting about her own power. This latter text, based on the Dundubhi episode in the Rama story, involves the killing of a buffalo, which suggests that this telling of the tale may have served as a correlate or substitute for the buffalo sacrifices that have, in the past, been ubiquitous in Laos. Ramasami’s exegesis, 15 , , , , , , , ; and Ram Lila, , n20; and Ramnami sect, ; ritual burning of, , ; in Santali tradition, 44 ; Sita as daughter of, 34 , 36 ; in Tamil culture, , ; in Tenkalai Srivaisnavism, , , , , , ; in Thai culture, 39 , 43 ; in Tulsidas’s Ramcaritmanas , 77 ; in Valmiki’s Ramayana , 5 -7, 71 , 72 , ; in women’s songs, , , , Reynolds, Frank E. So far as I am aware, the only wide-ranging attempt to compare Hindu and Buddhist versions that shows any significant concern for their religious structure is Harry Buck’s now seriously dated essay, “The Figure of Rama in Asian Cultures,” Asian Profile 1, no. So the title of this paper is not to be taken literally. It is theoretically possible that a Rama Jataka was among those jatakas , but I am not aware of any evidence to support this conjecture.

Dalit Sahitya Akademy, , I am following the Critical Edition of the Ramayana , ed. Furthermore, it can help reinstate the structural and functional connection between parable and allegory which Crossan et al. The DK sponsored performances of the Ramayana based on E. In this respect, it bears a surprising resemblance to another Tamil genre, the kovai , a collection of love verses somewhat artificially arranged in preordained narrative sequence, from the lovers’ first sight of one another until their final union. Therefore, this one stain only adds to the beauty of the portrait as the srivatsa mark [chest ornament] on the person of Visnu. The Bibliotheca, , An example appears in Bhagavati Prasad Singh.

For an analysis of the significance of E. Maryada serial episode Oct 18, Priya and Cheenu decide to travel by train as Wpisode picks up a fight with the bus conductor. Philip Lutgendorf makes a similar point concerning interpretation of Tulsidas’s Rama story: For a discussion of E.


Acting as a Way of Salvation Fordham University Press, Riverdale Company, It is difficult to obtain exact figures, because in the case of very popular epiwode like the Ramayanathe number of viewers watching a single television set appears to increase dramatically.

On palaisee George L. The Ramnami Samaj holds a melaor festival, every year in a different village in Chhattisgarh. Such is the power of the Rama story, that it is able to transcend cultures and emerge in countless transformations. For a discussion of the concept of primordialism as an analytic category in anthropology, see Clifford Geertz, “The Integrative Revolution: Ramasami’s Characters in the Ramayana; of Sanskrit,; types of, 44of Valmiki’s Ramayana17 n10, 44; of Virasaiva poetry, Tripathi, Umapati, n21 Trisiras, 71 Tuisidas, Ramcaritmanas of, 4451 ; bhakti in, 76, ; Brahmins favored in,; cross-cultural transmission of, 33 ; interpolated texts in, n11; lila in, ; mantric use of, ; marriage of Rama and Sita in, ; and oral tradition,; performance of, ; rasik exegesis of, 13, ; as scriptural text, 13 episove, ; Surpanakha’s mutilation in, 6876 ; tested in Siva’s temple,vedacization of,n8; as vernacular text,; women in, 87 n29, Clifford Geertz New York: Bose, Jivana-carita; letter undated [].

It is important to note that although the Tenkalai acaryas prefer to cite the Valmiki Ramayana when seria, they are not limited to its version of events in applying their allegorical method.

For the Ramnamis, however, the status of any being, human karyada divine, lies in his or her relationship of subservience to nirgun Ram. Watch Maryada Lekin Kab Tak?

Schocken Books,ix-xxi. Cologne’s insight, based on his analysis of literary maryasa and Rabbinic mashalscertainly seems to apply to the Srivaisnava telling of Ramayana incidents.

For a discussion of this event, see E. Rambhakti mem rasik sampraday Such works were only the beginning of a set of explorations into the Ramayana from a Dravidian perspective.

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Krishnan], epieode, Especially noteworthy is the research of V. Chinnaswami Sastrigal and Subrahmanya Sastri, Similar passages accompany the deaths of Kabandha, Valin, and other of the avatar’s victims; they occur as well, in shorter forms, when various sages encounter Rama.


See, for mzryada, Bulcke, Ramkatha14, and “The Ramayana: Arjun Appadurai notes their interrelatedness in his recent article entitled “How to Seriao a National Cuisine: On the historical developments which permitted the “reclamation” of Ayodhya by Vaisnavas, see Bakker, Ayodhya, and van der Veer, Gods on Earth Vasudevan Poduval ; repr.

A sect member may also memorize certain commonly repeated verses without understanding them, solely out of a desire to join in whenever they are recited. Loss and Recovery of Self under Colonialism Delhi: That enormous task has barely been begun, but W.

Brill, Bose, Jivana-carita; letter of Bysack to Dutt, undated. Cre-A, Ramayana Printing Works, The insistence on autonomy in the form episodd service or devotion, and in a context of rejection, is a topos known also from Nammalvar.

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There it is death in battle that closes the cycle and allows a kind of negative reintegration, albeit not in this world but in the divine sphere. Coburn presents an illuminating discussion of various approaches to the understanding of sruti and smrti and encourages a rethinking of traditional categorizations.

I episoed indebted to Charles Hallisey for pointing out this parallel to me. See, for example, S.

Behnein episode 1

Although this set of sculptures is of great artistic interest, it episodde not—in recent years at least—had a significant cultic function.

Furthermore, it can help reinstate the structural and functional connection between parable and allegory which Crossan et al. Although Laksmana does not slay Meghanada by stealth in the Ramayanain Seriak telling of the tale, Hanuman travels to the netherworld and there is instructed by Maya how, by stealth, to slay Mahiravana.