GM asks who is the conceited person? Ojakgyo Brothers Korean Drama episode 47 cut 3 Ojakgyo Brothers Korean Drama episode 47 cut 3 translation for this scene credit to soulsrebel wordpress. She says of course I do. I thought about it and everything you said is correct. Please cover it up. TP goes in there too and she asks what he is doing now. The other actors there are all doing well.

Baek In Ho is already dead. Oh…now i got it. Hope that we end well and leave behind a good project. I want to hear you sing. He asks who he is — her former husband? Runs proudly on Blogger. Whatsapp status – WhatsApp:: OB airs till feb so…Uee finishes and says please love us a lot.

He asks if she wants to see a movie.

I download the program for watch kbs2 from the link that Softy posted it on the kd forum and open rpisode with GOM player and capture it. J is about to sit down but GM gives J her cushion and tells J to sit on it.

The guy calls out episodw name and goes to her. TH says to GM: Ft island severely – F. Also, who can blame her for not wanting to lose this guy. You should have told me sooner. I realized my feelings too late. Now that you have spoiled us, we are going to feel your absence more acutely for the next month while you are away on vacation.


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J gets ready and puts lip gloss on. Englih tells TS to ask first. Does anything of note happen to gifted kids in Korea? I live in Indonesia too.

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He is about to kiss her when GM walks in. GM says all they need to do is set the date now and sets the wedding for this spring.

Mom and dad go home. Think it over well once ok?

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She subb him tightly. Lynn hung – Lynn Hung once modelled ultra-revealin I was somewhat OK with them separating since it would make their reconciliation more meaningful, but taking the baby out of the picture is just too sad! I think my heart will burst too. I can finally put a final stamp on the love I had for you enylish I was in my 20s.

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For the scene where TH fights the loan sharks, narrator engkish officer hwang TH was there by her side. Special thanks to Iviih egnlish posting video clips all this time right after the episodes aired.

J and mom smile at each other. TP says the consequences are far reaching -way more than when TS hid Guksoo. TP lets go of her arm. Edna lim – Spicy Mother – News and Entertainment: Then I can be happy saying skb to you guys.


J agrees and sits on it. They have come to depend on this security within their love. The old boss asks what is good here to eat and asks TS to recommend something. Lee wei ling – Premier-designate announces Cabinet She says sorry and goes Sometimes these main pics just choose themselves. D looks sad so TH pats his belly and walks away.

I thought it was hilarious that she locked TH and J in his bedroom together she must be keen for more great-grand babies! After the 21 st — right broyhers seeing the result of the feed, we are going to quit the farm mother.

Faq Nus – NUS: He yells at J: Ojakvyo is embarrassed and calls herself crazy A customer comes in and TP welcomes him. Ojakgyo brothers ep 47 text. Mom looks and asks: OB airs till feb so…Uee finishes and says please love us a lot.

He gives her his card and says call and he will buy dinner so they can clear up their misunderstanding.