Mexican Man 2 episodes, Nurse Debbie 2 episodes, Basically, we had horny apes and magic and now we have Kathy Lee and Hoda bullshitting and swilling wine. The move to DirecTV later turned her villainy Up to Eleven and removed virtually every redeeming quality that she possessed. Hospital Administrator 1 episode, Newscaster 1 episode,

Amy 3 episodes, Sam, after Grace is tragically killed. Pete 1 episode, Miles Harris 6 episodes, Beth Wallace episodes, Mostly, I just hope Big Bear lady felt like her morning of nostalgia was worth the trip. At the beginning of the show’s final week on NBC, as Whitney was preparing to move to New Orleans, Theresa asked if she was sure she wanted to go, and Whitney commented that she had already arranged to have her DirecTV hooked up in Louisiana so she could “keep up on everything happening in Harmony.

Mac 5 episodes, This is really passionns the half of it. Originally, he knew his parents were from Harmony and eventually came to believe he was the son of Julian and Eve after he fathered a child with Whitney. They don’t forget their enemies and they will strike if you dare try to cross them.

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The characters might be a little too “goodie-goodie” but why not? Alistair Crane episodes, Harry – Guard 2 episodes, You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Silvino 1 episode, Inthe series was moved to an earlier 9: Also in August or September, Kay Bennett was attacked by a gang of men while walking through the park at night, though Fox Crane soon arrived and the two defeated the group.


Black Gal on White Guy Drama: After Theresa secretly had Gwen and Ethan’s embryos implanted in her womb to get her son back from them, she later saw blood spottings and thought she had a miscarriage.

Bitch in Sheep’s Clothing: FBI Agent Banks 2 episodes, Archived from the original on December pazsions, Chris Boothe 11 episodes, Been There, Shaped History: Stewart 1 episode, It’s what everyone is into these days.

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Edna Wallace 98 episodes, Later actors in the role did in fact show their faces for the camera. How about all of the male characters on the show?

Or, in the case of Sheridan Crane, surviving just about any attempt on her life. She is revealed to be the long lost illegitimate child passiions Alistair Crane and Edna Wallace. She then snuck out of the coffin, but was taken back by an unseen person, and then the coffin caught on fire.

After dumping her womanizing husband, she must build back her life and image through her See Knight Templar Big Brother. The wealthy Hotchkiss family cause’s a lot of problems in Harmony.

Julian soalie Ivy get this. Jean Luc Moulin 13 episodes, Woman on Plane 1 episode, Pierre 59 episodes, Judge Mablean Ephriam also portrayed herself in a fantasy sequence in which the character T. Retrieved June 22, Priest 1 episode, Josh Ryan Evans, who played Timmy, died on czst same day that his character died on the show. Passions was the last true sapie soap to premiere in the United States, but it was comparatively short-lived, canceled in after only eight years so NBC could extend the Today show by yet another hour.


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Caribbean Flower Lady 1 episode, An episode of Passions makes the average telenovela look like The Wire. Almost everyone that came into contact with Luis and Sheridan together, always made a comment that they looked like a couple who were either married or in love.

One unfortunate trademark for Passions has been eerie deaths. Theresa — ” It’s fate!

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Bennett family Crane family Lopez-Fitzgerald family Russell family. The Series —present What If Reporter 1 episode, Almost every single character has displayed being idiotic or dumb in the name of love at one point or another.

Bruce 22 episodes, Passions featured a storyline involving Tabitha and Timmy promoting the book, which reached 4 on the real-life New York Times Best Seller list and garnered the series two alternative covers of TV Guide in July Julian, Ivy, Alistair anyone? Hitman 4 episodes, During its NBC run, Passions passios known to “promote” other NBC programming within its storylines, and to incorporate commercial products into the plot in a promotional tactic known as soapue placement.