Raise the ice monster by hitting the big igloo in the background. This will help you beat the bosses like the T-Rex, Barking Spider, etc. Pygmy boiled alive underwater. Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy. Whenever you hit the Ice Monster, he will lose some of its life. Make Pygmies sleep at night. Pygmy enters out house. Hold Pygmy over fire and cook the Pygmy till Pygmy turns grey.

Turn your device upside down and make Pygmy fall into the sky. Make a burnt fish by holding the fish over the fire for too long. Watch this step-by-step Video Walkthrough, which may help and guide you through each and every level part of this game. This update also includes the Mafia Skin Pack. Use underwater freezing power. Kurt Nicol This video tells you how to complete all the challenges from epidode on pocket god.

Pick up Pygmy in hurricane. Tap Dodo bird to make Dodo poop. Activate underwater heat power. Activate underwater air bubble power.

Pygmy boiled alive underwater. Spider- The exact same strategy goes for the Spider from the T-Rex.


Walkthrough Episode 1-39 for Pocket God

Feed chum to shark. Ghost pulls Pygmy into ghost dimension. So ya, I’m still This episode is also underwater. Old pygmy falls down when you drop him. Hope you enjoy and if you Bounce coconut on Pygmy’s head by peisode a coconut on a Pygmy’s head.

Play the coconut bounce mini-game on the sand island. Catch a swordfish in the ice hole. Use underwater heat power. Zombie eats Walkthrougb brain. Scare Pygmy to death.

A Storm is Coming. Sylcz If this helped you please leave a like. The Spider has a little bit more health and is harder to defeat. Overheat a Pygmy by enlarging the sun.

Pygmy eats a coconut.

Harpoon Pygmies with underwater statue. Bump head on stalactites. Challenge of the Gods. Play bait master mini-game. Use underwater oil power. By Pocket God Episode 1 Walkthrough. Episode 46 Wave away disease! Shark pulls fishing Pygmy into water. Hit T-Rex with Spear.

Open the challenge screen by clicking on the white Pygmies on the menu bar. Tap and kill zombie. Give Pygmy the Spear.


Walkthrojgh the barking spider. Unplug the drain in the underwater area. Play Ooga jump by dropping Peisode on cloud.

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This will help you beat the bosses like the T-Rex, Barking Spider, etc. Watch Pygmy think of a coconut. Flick fast pygmy into the volcano.

Create a Tsunami by Quickly Dragging the water on an island to make a giant wave. Vampire Pygmy knocks Pygmies off island. Guide the ghost into light in the top right corner of your device. Give old pygmy a heart attack if you rapidly tap him.

Pygmy chokes on the burned Dodo bird. Flick Pygmy behind island. Hit a sleeping Pygmy with a bird bomb.