No thanks, take me back to the meme zone! You need to login to do this. Set entirely in song, a strange rat-like creature named Little King John professes his love to making and eating the pastry. Little King John is a strange looking rat-like creature with a large nose, big ears, a beak-like mouth, and blue fixated eyes. The sketch originally came from “Ratboy Genius Dreams Minecraft — Ep02,” uploaded on April 8th, , and was part of the episode. Jerkass Has a Point: Ratboy Genius Dreams Minecraft. At this point, a few things really stood out to me.

What are your thoughts on RatBoy Genius, or weird animated videos? Everything that just happened — never happened. Points if you can find the name of this jellyfish Google has failed me. Big Arms has big arms. By using this site, you are agreeing by the site’s terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy. Despite his creepy appearance, he means well to his subjects, claiming that he is okay once people get to know him. The Cosmic Thunderbolt is what happens when they join forces and weaponize that electricity.

All ticks for the PAWS box. I would have appreciated Ratboy’s contortionist abilities back when I was playing the pipe organ. The genius of RatBoy Genius: However, he later got another one in the first Interlude, largely about stealing Happyman’s factory for himself. Little King John is really unnerving, if you don’t look at the hilarity of his personality and his insane level of Off-Model.

By using this site, you are agreeing by the site’s terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy. The intentionally bad and derpy faces for every character’s 3D variant can be considered this, but Little King John is truly this. Could be justified, though, seeing as it’s unclear whether “Ratboy” implies that he’s supposed to be an anthropomorphic rat or part of some species of ratlike people. But I still don’t really understand it.


One key element here is the use of undefined, protruding and prominent eyes — a very big horror trope on the internet focuses on over-emphasising eyes. After kidnapping Summerhe sings the creepy Potato Knishes song, although it’s more about the things he makes in his factory than about how evil he is.

Hits 8, Eyeballs pairs of. Little King John loves potato knishes. This thought is underdeveloped, but I have a hunch it goes somewhere interesting. Ratboy Genius goes for a ride in his little red buggy with his friends Happyman and Green Monster.

He loves to make and eat potato knishes, a pastry filled with fried potatoes, and likes to create black squash balls and centipedes which he creates via bizarre means. Sneezy isn’t particularly happy about this. Everything that just happened — never happened.


And then the R. Oh, I had forgotten, here’s a rendition of “Potato Knishes” orchestratedsung by a tenor with a Jack Skellington quality to him posted by Countess Elena at In the second episode, Little King John befriends Sneezy, which marks the beginning of his kinder demeanor.

While trying to mediate things between Old Fingerhead and the Hoo-Hoos, they straight up tell Old fingerhead that they don’t care what he thinks or what his problems are as long as he’s disturbing the peace.

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Anti-Nightcore – Potato Knish Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Points if you can find the name of this jellyfish Google has failed me.

Remember the New Guy? It is itself, wholly. From the tightly worded descriptions minecrxft the videos with a little wink here and thereto the quality of the music, to the consistency of the rhyme throughout. The video has a Minecraft-like style and vibe.


The Flood Darker and Edgier: Eventually Ratboy Genius turned into a 3D model, but it’s been taking a while for the others to catch up, so much so that 3D characters revert to their 2D designs when forced minecrraft converse with non-3D characters. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Little King John discovers one of these, and visits a nearby location. Used in the earlier episodes, for the hand-drawn characters before the 3D models with moving mouths were used. He has what he loves.

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Now, I kind of admire it all. This site uses cookies. She would never betray him. Most characters have names that minecraaft what they are or do, like: Written as a prequel to that series is the trippy space opera Galactic Superheroes. The story is genuinely touching, in no small part due to the fantastic music.

Ratboy Genius is often accompanied by snippets of his theme song, while Little King John is likewise associated with his Villain Song “Potato Knishes”.

What unfolds after is a sweet tale backed with good music and one leaving you scratching your head wondering. This is because he once knew the Galactic Superheroes.

Old Fingerhead’s main grievance with the Hoo-Hoos is that they stow away in his ship without him knowing and refuse to leave or even apologizewhich he finds very creepy dream frustrating. Old Fingerhead and Young Mouthbottom.