Screwtape expresses his exasperation with the principle of love, noting that the goal of all beings is to fight and compete with other beings. The Screwtape Letters Summary. Production began in , and the product was released in the fall of Screwtape holds an administrative post in the bureaucracy “Lowerarchy” of Hell, and acts as a mentor to his nephew Wormwood, an inexperienced and incompetent tempter. Screwtape lambastes Wormwood with sarcasm and malice for his bumbling. My students love how organized the handouts are and enjoy tracking the themes as a class. Screwtape learns that the patient has befriended a married couple that regularly mocks Christianity and celebrates the importance of progress. Download this Chart PDF.

This study guide contains the following sections: The believing reader will recognize just how insightful into human weaknesses Screwtape is. The Screwtape Letters by C. Which guides should we add? The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of every Shakespeare play. Both witty and cautionary, Screwtape rises to summarize modern humankind’s situation and Hell’s promising prospects for winning the war against God by capturing most of God’s children. First edition dust wrapper. The “Screwtape Letters” are friendly advice from this elder statesman to a front-line tempter on how to procure the soul of his “patient”, a young Christian man just trying to live out his everyday life.

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World War II serves as the backdrop for the Letters. Retrieved February 25, Wormwood and Glubose must conspire to create small annoyances between the patient and his mother. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand Terms of Service. Lewis quotes two famous Christians, one Protestant and one Catholic: Since Hell is a predatory place, Wormwood’s failure will result in Screwtape consuming him. Screwtape Proposes a Toast. The patient must think he is examining himself without actually discovering the facts about himself that are obvious to everyone who knows him.

Which guides should we add? After the second letter, the Patient converts to Christianityand Wormwood is chastised for allowing this.

The Screwtape Letters Summary & Study Guide

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The novel consists of 31 letters written by a devil named Screwtape to his nephew, a young leetters named Wormwood. Although Britain calls its major private schools “public schools”, Lewis is referring to state schools when he criticizes “public education”.

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Print hardcover and paperback. In an October interview in New York magazine, U. Walden originally intended to release the film in Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. The short sequel “Screwtape Proposes a Toast”first published as an article in the Saturday Evening Letterais an addendum to The Screwtape Letters ; the two works are often published together as one book.

Problems every individual must deal with even today.

And, by degrees, we come to see the workings of evil in our own hearts. In his next letter, Screwtape reveals that Wormwood has failed to corrupt the patient—in fact, he has allowed the patient to return to the church.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yet in our terrestrial reality the issues confronted in this book play out in our lives every day.

At first, Uncle Screwtape is paternal with his nephew Wormwood and quite indulgent. Epistolary novelChristian apologeticssatire. Lewis mentioned he had only to look so far as his own soul and the goings on within it to be able to write the doings and thoughts of Screwtape. In the end, he reminds Wormwood that the penalty for failing to corrupt a human is being eaten alive—and Screwtape himself will be the devil to eat Wormwood. Important Quote and Explanation from.

The man becomes engaged to a Christian girl, entering her charitable and loving circle of family and friends, and grows in his faith. Finally, Screwtape writes Wormwood a series of letters on the difference between love and lust, concluding that a weakness of modern European society is that is conflates these two things. Screwtape responds to Wormwood’s final letter by saying that he may expect as little assistance as Screwtape would expect from Wormwood were their situations reversed “My love for you and your love for me are as alike as two peas He claims Hell will be populated not so much with grandiose sinners as with ordinary people who, through conformity, materialism, worldliness, muddy thinking, and petty corruption, lose all sight of Heaven in their lives.


The “Screwtape Letters” are friendly advice from this elder statesman to a front-line tempter on how to procure the soul of his “patient”, a young Christian man just trying to live out his everyday life. In stage adaptations it is sometimes added as a prelude, making the work a prequel. It is written in a satiricalepistolary style and while it is fictional in format, the plot and characters are used to address Christian theological issues, primarily those to do with temptation and resistance to it.

Wormwood, Lettfrs nephew, is less than a stellar student when it comes to influencing a human being in a hellish direction. They show how evil can seep into a Christian’s relationships with friends and family, in his views on the church, even in his practice of prayer. The book contains thirty-one letters from Screwtape to his nephew, Wormwood, who is screwtape’s underling in fiendishness.

The Christian classic series.

He encourages his nephew’s successes, suggests various and devious ways to enter the man’s thoughts and influence him, and berates Wormwood for his failures as the man begins attending church, goes through various ups and downs of faith, falls in love with a Christian girl, and is called to service in the War. Lewis were close personal friends as well as fellow faculty members at Oxford.

In The Screwtape LettersLewis provides a series of lessons in the importance of taking a deliberate role in Christian faith by portraying a typical human life, with all its temptations and failings, seen from devils’ viewpoints. Wormwood reports to Screwtape that a war World War II has broken out in Europe, prompting Screwtape to send Wormwood a series of letters on fear, violence, and bravery.

Toward the end of this letter, in his anger Screwtape becomes a large centipede, mimicking a similar transformation in Book X of Paradise Lostwherein the demons are changed into snakes. View the Lesson Plans. Views Read Edit View history.