As the group leaves the store, Yoru steals Su’s decoration and Su is separated from the rest of the group. While there, Amu meets with the class’s prima , Maika Himekawa. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. However, Nikaidou steals them. Rima asks Amu to call her by her first name, and vice versa. Amu is the only one who knows how to take care of a baby. The next day, the Guardians arrive at the house and begin their investigation, but Amu is frightened out of her wits.

Amu becomes determined to help Utau and the two search for a studio to debut Utau’s latest single. To help cheer her up, Kukai teaches Amu a new move for Amulet Heart. After the performance, Takuya talks about an imaginary friend named Zero, who turns out to be his Guardian Character. Amu receives the Humpty Lock and a pouch to carry her Guardian Characters. Panicking, she inadvertently gives him the snacks containing a love note inside. With encouragement from her father and the customer, Kotone continues repairing the violin.

The episode is not out but the manga chapter is out you can read it here. While awaiting Amu to arrive, Su convinces Nikaidou to let her clean up the messy laboratory and make a fresh cup charra coffee. Pearl protects Ramira’s egg to keep from turning into an X Character and explains to Shuraiya that his father cares for him deeply.

However, Tadase rejects her.

Shuu’s dream is to be a patissier and he is excited about his wedding and making his first wedding cake. Archived from the original on March 22, Nikaidou takes advantage of Saaya’s jealously and manipulates Saaya into giving Kukai false information about how Tadase was gossiping about Kukai. an


Tsukumo, who works under Yukari, steals the lock from Kairi and runs off. The school year ends, but Amu is depressed because Nadeshiko has left and Kukai will be graduating. Amu also learns that Nikaidou has returned to the school as an actual teacher.

One of Easter’s researchers controlling the search devices accidentally launches a shell towards Ikuto and Amu, but Ikuto blocks it. Retrieved August 5, However, as he became more popular, his manager did not want Takuya to perform real magic on stage, instead relying on CG effects.

It is the Fujisaki family’s tradition for the males to be raised as females as part of their dance training. Retrieved April 8, Shouta’s dream was to be a painter.

What episode is it when Kukai and Utau kiss on Shugo Chara?

The next night, the Guardian Characters go off to find the Embryobut Su becomes separated from the group. After finishing, Kotone falls asleep, but knocks over a cup and spills tea onto the violin. Amu becomes upset with Rima even though Rima does shhgo understand why.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Amu begins to panic as the trip turns into a date with Tadase but she eventually calms down. While celebrating the opening of the new business, Kairi reveals to the rest of the Guardians that he will be returning home to his parents and friends.


I am now a happy Kutau fangirl. Nikaidou plans to use the next X Egg to create the Embryo and selects Kukai as his next target. Aww, I liked how Kukai blushed about his text from Utau, though.

chaara Ikuto is shocked when Tadase mentions that it is the Embryo. Ikuto appears and apologizes to Amu for Utau’s actions. Rima receives a call from Amu and overhears the fight. When Rima gets stuck with organizing the class’s book collection, Amu stays behind to help out. Nadeshiko tells the Guardians that she will be leaving for England soon.

Amu and Nadeshiko enjoy their time together, but after Amu takes her bath, she gets lost inside the house. The rest of the day fares no better as Amu has trouble capturing an X Egg, nearly hitting Yaya in the process.

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A qnd school year begins and Amu wakes up to find a yellow Guardian Egg with a diamond pattern in her bed. Later that night, Utau appears in disguise and hands the prince a pendant telling him that it is what he seeks. Later, Amu nearly runs into Suzuki and brings him back to the resort where he tells the Guardians about the egg he saw.