As he rushes out the door, Yeong-rang orders Attorney Choi to intercept the Board of Directors and tell them an urgent meeting will be convened once they figure out what went wrong. Without waiting for pleasantries, she pours herself two fingers and takes a baby-sip before announcing that she will join Gloria Instruments as Ji-ho wishes. I was feeling so much in awe of the people – the actual real freedom fighters who would done stuff like this. In-ha is now convinced of the real reason Ji-ho returned to Korea… to ruin Boosung. Circus boss Jo decides to disband the circus, keeping his reasoning vague about wanting to rest and go traveling. And now his mentor is dead — could he have murdered again?

But instead, we get BOTH from this writer, further reinforcing the fact that leading such a downright heinous life deserved a downright heinous demise. How did Hyun Suk fare in getting it resolved? She tells him to make a choice-persuade Woo Hyun or they all go down. With this unforgettable and priceless drama, through its plot and its outstanding actors, actresses and musicians so touching, and incredibly realistic, you have blessed each human soul. Now I want a horsital too.. Tan is back at home, talking to dad. I felt so bad for the actor — he was battling swine flu during filming.

Yeong-rang passes out, but Ji-ho arrives just in time and pulls her to safety.

She mutters that Man-se was such an ass for not even trying to be spiteful, and Secretary Oh says that if he had known, he would have put a stop to the plots right away. When he holds Mok Dan close and she tries not to recoil—I was just about shrinking back in my seat in repulsion.

In-ha tells her that Ji-ho is leaving to go study in Germany.

Then came Episode 18, which, too, has everything for me: Next day, Tan and ES are walking hand in hand to school together. Now God is her final hope…. I was feeling so much in awe of the people – the actual real maxk fighters who would done stuff like this. EvilStep tells him she was hoping Da-mi would become part of their family, but things went sour and their families are now enemies. Ki Bum meanwhile packs his bags and heads off.


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It was just perfect. And I’m definitely gonna ask Santa for a horsital this Christmas Yeong-rang panics and tells Secretary Oh to head over to the Incheon construction site right now and drag him back to Boosung by all means possible!!!

Wait for an explanaition, girl! Da-mi meets up with now Resident Woo-jin, who takes her to task for being late. KA is deeply hurt; how can he say that to her?

Brain: Episode 14 – Lee Gang Hun Can’t Stop

Growing up relatively safe and sound and then to be put through the evil machinations that Yeong-rang and her minions subjected him, I would have liked to see Ji-ho plan his revenge on his own accord and go all Mawang against those episide wronged him.

And shuji is just dead for me forever!! So it looks like love will have to wait in this drama, if it ever appears. She thinks less and less about him as time goes by. Such a good episode. You are commenting using your Epixode account.

They looked heartfelt and Joo Won is a good hugger and so is the actress who plays Briadl, when it is her time to hug I think I remember a scene earlier when Gaksital hugged her, and she didn’t hug back, maybe she wasn’t supposed to? Even during that opening scene where he’s bringing flowers for Mok Dan.

Because mak, why would she believe you? You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info! He says she made the episove choice, promising to protect her from here on out: Well of course we dont support evilness and devilness in any type of story and drama, but the way PKW potrays that in Shunji is so effin’ believable and fantastic, it makes me anticipate his scene much more.


Does he even have a place in thr world anymore? In-ha guides Yeong-rang down the ocean path, as all of a sudden, Jung-wook appears in front of them.

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Grace ekpo April 3, at 9: They smile at each other, happy again. Or… uh… is the action literally too explosive to frame in a happy, propagandistic way?

It’s too risky to have his cover blown to too many people, and I hope Mok Dan is smart enough to realize that. Annyong, corporeal Sang Cheol. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. And now that she thinks of it, Seung Yeon reminds her of all the hardships she had to face when she first eecap into mazk field and it reminds her of how hard it was and how much she felt like dying.

What did In-ha do to him that eipsode so wrong?!? I don’t agree with the actions the United States took to have Japan yield to it, but how is that unjustifiable violence? It feels a bit brodal that last ep she was still screaming at him after he revealed he was the young master and now it’s hugs and kisses? Did you see when Mok Dan came over to him, she stroked his leg?!!