But Iljimae was wonderful, and Jung Il-woo Okay, I apologise to the subbers for my horrible attitude Thanks so much, 7ses! Keep up your hard work! Okay, I’m feeling quite This is often an incredible feat to accomplish within writing-to entertain the attention of the reader or viewer without feeling stalled-so my hats off to you in that respect.

What we’re watching by DB Staff. Open Thread Open Thread by mary. You will need to find some low-cost promotional items that cost anywhere from free to about 50 cents. Beautiful, touching, poignant and profound. Yang-po warns him that he is not safe in Joseon, and tells him where to find him if he changes his mind. I enjoyed the first two episodes, and I loved the music and visual aesthetics. Enjoy the fresh air!

His eyes stay open as lljimae plum petals fall on him. I was web surfing and found this very interesting comment from Jun Ki: I really do wish I could fully understand the intricacies of this subject but most of this is confusing to me. It definitely sounds like an open ending with Iljimae kind of reflecting on the past and maybe thinking about his future. It was clear that the one kid who was ganging up on the Korean kid was an isolated incident of assholery who had an awesome Chinese dad, and the incident was included to point out that Iljimae who thought himself Chinese had empathy for Koreans.

On hearing this, Dani cries out for Yong.

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Jung IL woo did really a great job! Once again thank you.

I love Dear Cloud thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much! Iljimae pleads with her to hang on, desperate to cling to their last moments together. He must read the documents and memorize the contents, but not remove them — if they are missing, the Qing invaders will alter their plan. The words hurt, but Iljimae remains convinced of his duty. Thank you so much for the recaps and the beautiful pictures.


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And that includes you! I’m glad that they decided to make Iljimae’s character softer and more How can I find out more? The monk trying to train the ‘dog’, interesting turn of events! And the scenery is just gorgeous Together, the duo sneak out over a series of nights to witness Iljimae taking on bandits and bad guys, which are compiled into a collection of stories.

I just wish it ended with him being with one of the girls…. No matter the distance between us, I can feel you.

Gorgeously put together drama and it really did incorporate so many elements and yet made it all blend beautifully together. Father and son arrive holding hands to greet her there. ijlimae

The Return of Iljimae 1-24 (Final)

Most of the characters were pretty well drawn and I liked all of them except for Wang Hweng Bo, who was just annoying. After looking at ghe handful of the blog posts on your web site, I honestly appreciate your way of blogging.

He urges Cha-dol to agree so he can go in peace, and Cha-dol nods. I tend to feel the matriarch had the baby set in a darma on the river, and the servant was charged to find and kill the baby once its survival was discovered.

I’ve been waiting for your review too! Perhaps in times of peace, he could be happy in an unremarkable life, his sense of justice and honor unchallenged.

Ask me how much I love Dear Cloud Why have such a sad ending for Bong Soon? How others thinks about this idea? I just started watching this because of Javabeans recaps.

My heart and yours beat together. Instead of Iljimae, Soo-ryun takes on the dangerous missing of delivering the secret letter. Moran turns to Yang-po to beg him to stop Iljimae from leaving, but the warrior declines — his work here is done.


Both Kim and Jung speak volumes with their eyes, and are wonderfully expressive. Finally, a change in the war: I noticed, that NONE of the main characters were in the ending. I forgot bout that letter too! When I watched it, I thought he did and it made me so sad.

The last part is a little like the chinese ‘Sun Wu Kong’ or the ‘Monkey King’ where the monkey king gets trapped in a pile of rocks because he was so bad. I really enjoy reading your recaps Thanks you sooo much for your recap. But Iljimae was wonderful, and Jung Il-woo The shoemaker goes back to work while the two outsiders work on getting back out of the palace.

Iljimae is released, but the other two remain jailed. Iljimae loves her for his entire life and she loves him back unconditionally.

That giant looks oddly familiar Thank you for your thoughtful analysis of the The Return of Iljimae. Cause the mother and child reunion is only a motion a-way” How can you do this to me, drama?!!!! I thought it was the man who told the servant that the baby should have been buried instead of abandoned.

I have a DVD set with just awful subtitles and your recap made everything so much clearer!