The ending felt rushed and contrived, with the writer throwing in convenient plot devices to move our core characters to a destination. Stay or leave, that is the question. Was Nobunaga no Chef a satisfying series? My goal is to introduce people to stuff they might like. Dan ehm … di blog baru juga. Did it take that long to walk back from the shrine? Nobunaga leaves the choice to Ken.

A forgotten woman throughout the drama. So, who will win the contest? Dan saat bus yang kau harapkan datang, akan ada saja rintangan yang menghalanginya. Stay or leave, that is the question. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Everyone is mesmerized by the performance, even Youko acknowledges that Ken has successfully engaged the audience and all of their five senses.

This scene really brought mobunaga the weakness in Yuta because you can see his struggles to emote. April 2nd, Idolminded. The fewer of these scenes we get, the better. Since it ultimately came down to Ken choosing between Natsu and Youko, they should have at least done more to build his ties to Natsu, giving them more substantial conversations.

J-DramasWinter — 1 Comment. Langit biru bersih menjadi epiosde belakangnya. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I think they did as good a job of covering all the loose ends as could be expected, and they did it within a normal episode instead of an extended one. Dwi Rachma Rahim Rf dewicendrillon. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. And from what we have witnessed, more kitchen staff members might have time-slipped as well, and they were scattered, one killed, the rest — unmentioned.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Aci Desi Dahlianti desidahliantiaci. And for once, the three ladies are sweethearts right to the end. The ending was positive and the saving nobuaga I believe is the decision these characters made in according to their wishes. But the most surprising decision of all came from Youko, an excellent pastry chef being tethered in the depths of fear by creepy Kennyo.

Hanna Nur Izzati Fb: Hanna N Izzati hanyabloghanna. Konichiwa minna-san, Kelana kembali dengan sinopsis baru nih. This site uses cookies. Sebelumnya baca previewnya di sini. Di dalam pesawat, seorang wanita tampak tersenyum-senyum sendiri sambil sinopssi majalah di tangannya. But really, friends, family, he gave them all up?!

And Nobunaga, however demanding and unbending, was always kind towards Ken. Nasty Kennyo sends his minions to kill Nobunaga.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. A forgotten woman throughout the drama. Will Ken choose Youko and take the rift back to where he came from or choose Natsu and start a new life in the Sengoku Jidai? Kotoko yang kaget pun menjatuhkan majalahnya.

The drama cyef where the manga series is currently ended until6 volume at that time. Natsu leads the way to the shrine. Why is he showing up now? But Ken is still unhappy with the situation when Mitsuhide Inagaki Goro decides to offer him a crucial bit of information.


Ken seems hesitant about competing against Youko, so Nobunaga decides to berate his cooking for the first time, and instills some fighting spirit in him. Kodomo Keisatsu Summer Beginners! Nobunaga leaves the choice to Ken.

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Nobunata allowed Ken to pick his own path. Ken opted to stay back in the chaotic warring states period, where his heart yearns nobhnaga reside. Dan ehm … di blog baru juga. Keep doing itshe whispers. Thanks for dropping by J-Everything! By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Many major questions were left undiscovered. Karena tak memperhatikan jalan ia pun menabrak pohon palm, kesialan tak sampai di situ saja.

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The emperor will judge, fair and square. Why did Ken travel back in time? And this is how our girl looks like the morning after. Chef is not a must-watch, but something light to help you forget the arrogant chaebol guys. But reallyis it worth it?