So late seeing this response. The items are yours to design with as you see fit. Keep playing, it pays out other stuff besides signs. This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over! In 30 minutes the entire inside of my vehicle melted to a glob of metal. Actually, I have to ignore how many sprinkles I spent for that ridiculous thing, but gosh darnit. Doing an event is like taking a trip…it is exciting to go, but always look forward to getting back home. Because life’s better with a giant pile of waffles

Motor Cycl June 1, at 1: Bolk1 June 3, at 2: One hour from event-end! Well, the clock has finally run down and the sun is setting on the old west event. Stupid ants, how do we worship thee? Mary Jo May 31, at 1:

Respectful, constructive disagreement is welcome, but comments made to provoke others, be malicious, or distract from the purpose of this site will be removed. Oh 32, lurking must not count. Notify me of new posts via email. Anyone know when and where this came from? Do you know you can scan food labels, measure your food and track calorie intake versus output?

Addicts Open Thread

I am now officially insane. The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts. Thought you guys might like this and that wookie might find it interesting for his simpsons news Like Like. Not sure that sounds like a winning combination to me…I like gummy bears, but on a donut? Now I have a cute little boardwalk area completely dedicated to all things donuts.

Which is perhaps why Garrett pauses before answering, and chooses his words carefully.

How many times do you watch your favorite shows on TV and have to sit through four or five minutes of commercials. Random friend donuts are back,just picked up 2. Also, I like Frink better. You are commenting using your Twitter account.


It has ended half way as far as everything is still available to do, but nothing is gained in the end. Rocket either brings hail ants sign or space debris and both are useless.

Bolk1 June 3, at 2: The Wookiee June 1, at 2: I used to visit people daily but now I mostly visit during events, although after reading your comment, I may set aside a day a week I sit down and just do my visiting at minimum.

I spent my day outdoors soaking in mother earth and listening to the running streams… Like Liked by 1 person. On this note, I notice the first action that happens after I do visiting is vandalism and so ill delete the app and not visit my neighbours houses for the time being.

Worth a shot, right?

I ve cleared so much of space debris and got nothing. But i so agree with your complaint about the Hail Ants sign…my 41st one came back yesterday. His alter-ego, though, is a superstar. Ok… I am aching fpisode buy something new… I am torn between Frink and Barney…. So I got lucky because I had the lemon tree before it was removed and it is still stxmpy my town making lemons that many mystery boxes payed off.

For lots of YouTubers, part of their appeal is that they are so real: Moezaic June 3, at 5: Also, TBBT is approx.

Keep an eye on them. Or, you might just need to get some premium characters.

YouTube backs digital star Stampy’s new Minecraft show Wonder Quest

The creative control over his own channel is important to Garrett, even tsampy he explores new ideas like Wonder Quest, with its special effects, animated spin-off and professional writers. Oh mysterious EA, bring me Pinchy the lobster. Now I wonder if anyone misses me. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hope everyone has a good Tuesday.


I bought a car. This episoe supposed to be an apology to nesnogueir Yikes on the torched car, but congrats on the new one! Just bring me Pinchy…….

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Minecraft Xbox – Doghouse Race [] – Vloggest

Doing an event is like taking a trip…it is exciting to go, but always look forward to getting back home. Sgampy seemed to be gravitating to that spot, too. I spent my day in an unairconditioned office, purging and packing files and binders in preparation for a big move my team is making to another building.

What is everyone hoping for in the next update? His videos are aimed at young Minecraft and sometimes The Sims or Skylanders players, with no swearing and an emphasis on humour and creativity. Ran across something very interesting though. So between events i like to try and get both Heights and Monorail going but I find it hard epjsode make sure I land the tracks and 5 extra sprinkles and also have enough people collecting at Heights.

Makes the most of my downtime downtime.