Introduction What is Aegisub? To edit the text of a subtitle you must click on the corresponding subtitle and make the change in the text box 1. I have several of them. Please explain these things separately starting with continuous play of video inside Aegis. I will see if I can put an attachment to the. I know of nowhere in the manual that these errors are addressed. I putzed around a bit. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

And we haven’t touch on using the audio panel at all. They are too riddled with ads and false clicks to bother with to any depth. All times are GMT I will review GSpot data as well. How do I use the player in Aegis? Request it on the bug tracker and see what happens. A small collection of Frequently Asked Questions about Aegisub – mostly stuff that didn’t fit anywhere else.

FAQ – Aegisub Manual

What is the file format? See the Karaoke Templater tutorials. It’s very hard to look at the same series of frames over and over and stop fast enough to record the time.

But I should be able to do this. I suppose I could snip a couple of scenes– the first two.

Just a country ride and going to an inn. At Aegis they mention such things but never seemed to do much with it. Once Aegisub is open you must proceed in this order: Yes I want to change the main title line only because the first dialog line appears to be in sync.

Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. This measn I have accidentally delted something and don’t know how it happened. Also, sometimes AviSynth can be quite slow at delivering frames, which would make real sync playback impossible.


Please explain these things separately starting with continuous play of video inside Aegis. If I didn’t make hand notes I’d be lost already. Yes the subtitle has the typo corrected now. Have not been able to get specific answers in a sensible way so far. Last edited by poisondeathray; 4th Apr at Earlier I got the request to give a sample of the srt which I subtitkes at post But these deletion problems are very frustrating.

Also after loading the aegiusb and audio and finding that way to move the start point, something else I did had all subs rolling backward or something. What the srt shows is subtitle subtitlez for a uniform 1 second each and then going to the next audio start point. I appreciate the help. Since the first dialog line is in sync I am now going to seek the second line and see what the time difference is.

How to record anything on your screen using th Are there thread links or experienced users here for Aegisub subtitle editor? Dragging and dropping will load the subtitle file but I’m having a problem doing it from the menu. It is important to note that subtitling involves a technical part called spotting of subtitles.

video – How to accurately shift subtitles – Super User

It does have quite a bunch of restrictions on what tags and other things may be used, so reading its manual first is advised. I don’t know how this can be since audio is not the only thing that subtitling does. Next message will just say attachment. For example, ARTE sets the bar to a maximum of 30 characters per line.

I just need the technique. Nothing is working automagically but the Line Duration box will add some time. I have several of them. Dync is a very rish program but I’m look for step by step procedures for a specific video problem. This is a rich program but the learning curve is pretty high. There is something adding time to the lines. How do I use the player in Aegis?


They are too riddled with ads and false clicks to bother with to any depth. Here’s what may help: Basically a way to “encode” ASS text subtitles into pictures, which can then be encoded into the video using an Avisynth filter. Right above the text edit box is the time edit adjustment which looks very similar to setting time on the Windows clock with insert delete etc.

The red line problem cleared up when I deleted some duplicate lines and finished with the Undo operation. I’m trying to hardsub an avi file. Perhaps that can be used when a pattern develops.

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To review for this procedure: The rest of the subs are in sync? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. You also have to check that there is not too much character per secondthis is indicated in the CPS column It goes by a couple different names, one English and one French: I’ve been at this project for some time trying to figure it out using Aegisub and I’m seeking advice for using this program.

A hover over does nothing. However, it is recommended to rework the synchronization manually in order to comply with the different subtitling rules. Is there a way to work in the audio panel only since the video panel does not update changes. It only lets me play the frames for the highlighted subtitle.