The Rangers investigate a series of suspicious accidents involving a Cherokee Indian racing team that are being caused by Team Forbes, a rival team that wants to put them out of the race for good. Parker credit only Sheree J. This episode also featured an appearance by Michael Peterson. While Charlie agrees to do this in exchange for not having to serve the rest of his community service, he soon loses the device that allowed Walker to keep track of him, not to mention that the Iceman soon escapes from the hospital. Alex and Sydney were kidnapped by the drug lord at the end of the episode. In , he auditioned for a part on All My Children ; however he did not get the part because he was not old enough.

Roscoe Jones Paul Winfield , the minister who replaced Trent’s father, is targeted by a former military comrade, now part of a white supremacy group. With time running out, Walker must find a way to get someone to reveal what is going on, rescue Trivette and the boy, and put an end to the sheriff’s racial tyranny. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison makes a special guest appearance as herself. Sydney and Gage go undercover in a bar to locate Gage’s reporter sister who had gone missing working on a story regarding the bar’s owner. A masked group consisting of spoiled rich boys have chosen to clean up the streets their way by beating up the homeless. Teenage country music artist Lila McCann plays an aspiring singer.

Action surrounding Walker stymies Trivette’s attempts to impress the female reporter of a “Behind the Badge” documentary show. A group of dirty cops from the Brookdale Police Department have been murdering criminals by targeting the ones who get off due to technicalities as the group’s founder killed a criminal that got off on a technicality after he murdered his younger brother who was a rookie cop.

Walker must stop whoever is planning the sacrifice before it’s too late. This page was last edited on 9 Augustat But when Stafford ignores the restraining order Walker had Alex issue and attacks her in her home, Bobbie must fight him off on her own. The elder brother Ned, who is responsible is intending to get out of a lease agreement by getting rid of the herd although Mitch is unaware of the murder.

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Things get personal for Walker when Darcy Reynolds Yelba Osoriothe daughter of Cora Reynolds Rosanna DeSoto one of his friends, falls victim to the trio while out celebrating her 21st birthday, and she struggles to deal with the traumatic experience.

Walker winds up in a coma after trying to save a child from a car that teetered off a bridge following a hit-and-run texae.


While Walker and Trivette are busy going after an escaped convict and find that he had been hired for some kind of job, C. Meanwhile, the Rangers continue their investigation on the college rapist and suspect that a professor that Alex knows might be the rapist.

Gage goes undercover to bust the dealers of a designer drug called “white buffalo”, while Sydney and Alex, who are on a hike in the mountains with a young Cherokee girl Fawn to visit the site where the last white buffalo was killed, inadvertently stumble upon the headquarters of the drug distributors and Sydney is injured when she is shot in the arm forcing them to hide to escape their pursuers.

In a desperate bid to avoid capture as Walker closes in, the Chairman orders hits on the task force.

Terrorists plan an urban release of anthrax in 48 hours, sending Walker and Trivette into action to stop them. Though he realizes that his boss was responsible, Randy is forced to continue fighting when his boss kidnaps Diane to keep ramger in line, and Trivette must hold off Randy so Walker can use the opportunity to save Diane and put an end to the fights for good.

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. The investigation leads to a baby broker agency who has been stealing babies and conducting illegal adoptions for profit.

A Satanic symbol found at the crime scenes suggest abducted children are going to be sacrificed on Halloween. Trdnt tells Walker that Karl and Cabe stole valuable Japanese art. He is uncertain of what he’s going to do At the same time, a church where ex-gang members worship is robbed of their Christmas donations by current members and the church pastor is accidentally injured during the robbery. He and Walker then have only a few days to find her before she is sold.

Meanwhile, Alex, after realizing she needs to do more with her life following her recent shooting, opens her Help Our People Excel HOPE center to help the less fortunate.

Meanwhile, Alex goes into labor and makes clear her concern for Walker’s well-being, as she does not want to raise this baby alone; elsewhere, Trivette asks an old girlfriend Erika to marry him.

While surveilling the drug dealers, they witness Juan at walkwr meeting with the ring’s leader, whom Juan has been told is a big-time fight promoter.

The opening credits are slightly modified for the remainder of the season following Noble Willingham’s departure from the series.

Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Walker finally decides to propose to her after, but the wedding is then is attacked by nalloy group of hitmen. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Liz Comici and Luciano Comici Teleplay: It is now a race against time for Walker walkeg Alex to be rescued before the murderer is set free.


Walker’s new partner, Ranger James Trivette Clarence Gilyardhas a history with one of the suspects in the robbery. It is revealed that the nightclub owner owes money ma,loy a loan shark who wants him to repay the debt by signing over the club, so Walker sets out to find a way to bring down the loan shark, and the murders may prove the smoking gun. Add it to your IMDbPage. The following is a list of episodes from the American television series Walker, Texas Ranger.

Everyday Heroes 21 Mar Parts walkwr and 2 are shown as a single episode on the DVD release. Paroled on a technicalityVictor LaRue pretends to have changed as he takes revenge on Walker and Alex.

Search for ” Sons of Thunder ” on Amazon. Along the way, he reunites with his childhood friend and sworn blood brotherVictor Solano Damon Collazowho is one of the men he has to arrest.

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View agent, publicist, legal on IMDbPro. Tyler ‘Ty’ Malloy Tess Harper By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Walker’s idea for a “boot camp” for young offenders comes under heavy opposition from a senator who thinks prison is the only solution and he intends to see waljer Walker’s efforts fail even if it means using his influence to sabotage the trial program, though Walker refuses to give in to trdnt easily. It replaced Walker in its time-slot for a six episode run, but never saw the light of day after that.

However, a group of opportunists hearing that there is three million dollars on board, secretly follow the group to take the cash for themselves. An Indian shaman transports Walker back to the 19th century to prevent a recurrence of a 20th-century injustice.

Walker helps one of his karate students, a ten-year-old girl named Kyla Jarvis Kyla Pratt after she miraculously survives being severely wounded in a drive-by shooting. Walker and Trivette, despite having no jurisdictiontravel to Mexico to rescue a captured D.