Hunan TV plans to make five seasons of 80 episodes each, and the first season has scored exceptional ratings across the country. Although they had been following the original story of ” Yo soy Betty, la fea ” during the first two seasons, producers intended to make the series “interactive” by using public opinion polls to allow fans to make important decisions relating to character development and the direction of major story lines. In , it became the capital of a newly formed Swiss canton, in the city hosted the Swiss National Exhibition, displaying its newly found confidence to host major international events. This original content has been created by or licensed to YesAsia. In the first episode, Pei Na made purchases with a Citi Visa credit card. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Despite the “makeover” reference in the new title, many people still speculated that Wudi would not get a physical transformation for the finale.

This product can only be played on PAL video players. During the board meeting, Li Anxi casts the deciding vote for her boyfriend, Fei Denan, who is Fei Bocheng’s prodigal son. So, it is probably for the best that “Chou Nu Wu Di” concluded its run with episodes, which were presented over the course of four well-structured, compact seasons. One of Wudi’s friends at IDEA ; wealthy woman who works as a secretary because she’s bored; starts out as the secretary of the company’s Finance Director, Chu Guoliang, but she eventually becomes Lin Wudi’s secretary; Sulei’s husband is not seen until the fourth season. From this role, it came to be called Wu as well. Please reload the page and try again. Suzhou is often dubbed the Venice of the East or Venice of China, during the Zhou, a settlement known as Gusu after nearby Mount Gusu became the capital of the state of Wu. They began by changing Wudi’s wardrobe and making her appear less “dirty”; in fact, they amped up the fashionability of all the show’s characters, as well as the sets.

Lausanne will host the Winter Youth Olympics, by the 2nd century AD it was known as vikanor Lousonnensium and in as lacu Lausonio.

To her dismay, she finds out that he is both Chu Xings one and only son and the boy she knew at that party. One night she gets into a trouble with a guest, and the two of them are taken to the police station. But what would I know, I only watched a couple of episodes in each season haha.

In fact, the funny, romantic, and sometimes touching story of an unattractive but good-natured girl has won over audiences around the world with dozens of remakes made in different languages. During the board meeting, Li Anxi casts the deciding vote for her boyfriend, Fei Denan, who is Fei Bocheng’s prodigal son. In the last episode, Wudi is told by IDEA ‘s creditor that for every boxes of Bimbo she moves by herself in the warehouse, with no help from anyone and without using any heavy equipment, the repayment of IDEA ‘s debt will be postponed for one day, so Wudi works all night and moves boxes in order to delay repayment for an entire month.


When two-character given names are romanized, sometimes they are hyphenated, sometimes they are combined into one word, and sometimes they are presented as two separate words. When Li Hongzhang and Charles George Gordon recaptured the city three years later, Shanghai had already taken its predominant place in the nation. China also has a diplomatic mission to the United Nations Office at Geneva and the other international organisations in Switzerland.

It is also common for these sites to provide the person’s blood type. The citys canals, stone bridges, pagodas, and meticulously designed gardens have contributed to its status as one of the top tourist attractions in China, the Classical Gardens of Suzhou were added to the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in and Its former or poetic name, the Chunshen River, gave Shanghai its nickname of Shen, two important events helped promote Shanghais development in the Ming dynasty.

Before “Chou Nu Wu Di” even premiered, HunanTV found itself at the center of a national debate over media reform and commercialization. At the ceremony, seven year-old Yang Peiyi was deemed “too plain” to appear, so another girl lip-synched to Yang Peiyi’s singing voice.

The season concluded with a cliffhanger: The Story of a Noble Family Chinese: Still, the ever-optimistic girl believes that she’ll meet an appreciative boss one day. Episode 3 link on Youku thanks to brightlight!

An Qian’s motive in recommending Pei Na for the position is so she can have her friend keep a close eye on her womanizing boyfriend, the new Chairman Fei De Nan.

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Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active spisode list. This topic has been archived. Loyal fans stated that the television series did not stay true to the original novel.

Founded in BC, Suzhou has over 2, years of history, with an abundant display of relics, around AD, during the Eastern Han Dynasty, it became one of the ten largest cities in the world mostly due to emigration from Northern China.

The wide emg of applicants was trimmed to forty competitors, which was then whittled down to twenty. This product will not be shipped to Hong Kong.

丑女无敌 Ugly Wu Di / The Ugly Girl is Matchless (2009)

Luo Lan’s eoisode husband; Having an affair with Xue Feifei. It was pretty good. Due to the popularity of Disney’s High School Musical franchise, producers of “Chou Nu Wu Di” decided to give the series a musical format during the third season, and they brought back season one director Zhang Feng to guide the cast again. Please enable cookies in your browser to experience all the features of our site, including the ability to make a purchase.


In to produce television dramas, inTaiwans government allowed visits to Mainland China for the first time since the end of the Chinese Civil War in Posted 23 March – On the way to Jeju, Lady Han dies from her injuries, Lady Choi replaces her as the choi-go sanggung, while Jang-geum vows revenge. On the show, just as in real life, being considered “ugly” sjb always about having a surplus of physical flaws, but is sometimes just a matter of a person’s lack of style or grooming.

Comment on our website Email our CEO. Lausanne, and also Lausannen Italian: The metropolitan area of Lausanne-Geneva was over 1.

In some countries, 6. Please click on a keyword to search for similar items. These women were willing to manipulate, betray and wuri kill just about anyone in order to get what they wanted, throughout the later parts of the series, the inevitable results of this corruption become increasingly apparent. As one of the four direct-controlled municipalities of the Peoples Republic of China, it is a financial centre and transport hub. Skyline of Jinji Lake ; bottom left: Although some characters, the premise, and certain sections of the story are based on historical events and figures.

Two of the contest’s runners-up were also tapped for other roles: A loading error has occurred. Wudi’s “ugly” look supposedly inspired a fashion trend among fans: The light yellow and golden color symbolize the spirits of Hunan people, including optimistic, brave and creativity.

Li Anrui framed Wudi and got her arrested. And Song Zuying’s sister guest stars, with braided hair. Sjb Juliet marks Wu Chuns first role as the male lead and his previous acting roles were a bit part in s KO One and an uncredited walk on role in It Started with a Kiss with his Fahrenheit members.

He makes an honest but embarrassing confession to the client, even though he knows that such a revelation could cost IDEA a lucrative contract. Instead, they surmised, the word “makeover” actually referred to Wudi’s transfiguration as a person, from a shy, ridiculed girl into a confident, successful businesswoman.

Infan sites started using portmanteau supercouple uni-names similar to those used for famous celebrities: All transactions at Ugyl.