He is then forced to go to Africa and confront Kamalesh. He also suggested Ayan meant “outstanding”, excellence” or can be the name for sun rays in five different languages. Retrieved 26 July He, on the other hand, works for a smuggling group run by Arumuga Dass who has been his mentor and looking after him since childhood. Anand announced the film with both Surya Sivakumar and Tamanna Bhatia to play the lead roles in the film. Archived from the original on 8 July Despite the film’s lyricist Vairamuthu ‘s calls for the word to be a Tamil word, it was argued that Ayan was a nickname for the Hindu deity Lord Brahma. It released on 3 April worldwide to positive reviews.

He then learns that is a government security job application form. Gurunath Aruna Guhan Aparna Guhan. Edited by Anthony Gonsalvez , the film was filmed by M. Prabhu Ganesan was consecutively cast in Ayan in a pivotal role, as per his previous films, in which he played important supporting characters. The film dealt with the concept of smuggling and custom officers. However, this was later doubted by a few critics, raising a point saying Ayan was not necessarily a Tamil language word. Camera and Electrical Director of Photography.

The two leave for their hideout and instruct Dilli Karunasa hearing-impaired assistant of Dass, to make copies of the DVD.

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Just when police crews arrive into their vicinity, Dass informs Deva and the rest to leave. Since the word was then touted to be borrowed from the Sanskrit languagethe film was prone to a title change, in light of Tamil Nadu ‘s Entertainment Tax Exemption Act, which was passed in The Times of India. Conflict occurs vniashak Deva’s arch rival, Kamalesh opposes and tries to eliminate Arumuga Dass from the smuggling business. He reduced the pace and eliminated the background score and kept only silence instead.


Parthiban hands Deva to sign a form, which Deva hesitates. Thus, this stir of events causes the interval of the movie. It released on 3 April worldwide to positive reviews. Archived from the original on 8 July Cestroyer can also share literally everything on Moviebuff with your friends, enemies, frenemies, family, babysitter or pets. As the door opens, Deva slips and falls on the bed, expecting to see Chitti but scaring his younger sister Yamuna Tamannaah instead. Retrieved 11 April Retrieved 22 February A prank phone call from Chitti leads to a near-death experience for Deva and Kaveri.

There are a few who don’t do so, and hence their stomach is X-Rayed and a huge packet of heroin is found.

In order to prepare the script, Anand did a lot of research and is said to have spoken to a lot of custom officers to understand the modus operandi of smuggling. The film ends on a happy note as Deva leaves the airport with his mother and Yamuna.

Ayan (film) – Wikipedia

Archived from the original on 28 May Three vinasha after the release of his debut venture Kana Kandaen starring Srikanth and Gopikacinematographer K. Prabhu was chosen as the film’s cinematographer, who is a friend of Anand and worked with him under the guidance of P.

Benny DayalHaricharanChinmayi. With this evidence, the Income Tax comes to raid Kamalesh’s house but he acts quickly and removes all the stuff.


Disgusted, he leaves and Chitti too, and at that moment, Yamuna arrives, hearing everything. Harish Raghavendra “Nenje Nenje”. The film’s story revolves around Deva, a youngster whose mother wants him to become a government official. Sign up and get access to some cool features. Edited by Anthony Gonsalvezthe film was filmed by M.

This movie revolves around a youngster, Deva whose mother wants him to become a government official. Chitti, who was fed with drugs fall prey to them and starts reacting. The drugs are opened and it is found that Heroin is sealed in them. Suriya SivakumarTamanna Bhatia Crew: Muthukumar as the lyricists.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu Kuala Lumpur. The soundtrack album was composed by Harris Jayaraj.

Vidhwanshak The Destroyer-(Suriya)-2014-(Hindi Dubbed)-

He bears the onus with a smile and the death defying stunts add to the robust image he aims to project”. Creator is a Tamil action film co-written and directed by K.

Ayan was announced to be predominantly set in various locations of both South Asia and Africa. He later finds out that idols made of heroin movue compressed under high pressure to disguise their soouth and properties. Archived from the original on 1 November