When Van had gotten there, a Godos had gotten out of control and attacked Fiona. Irvine made it out, but Van and Rudolph were still inside. Moonbay decides to act like she’s getting married and succeeds after lying half a dozen times. Stinger makes it to a bar in a village, where he tells the Crossbow Brothers to immediately make their way over to where Van and the rest of the gang are in Desert Heldigunners. After stopping the war and making the Empire retreat peace was restored to the Republic. While they are running, Zeke is caught in a net but not taken. He said it would be more challenging if he gave them a head start.

The Iron Kong fires at them but they disappear. Van and Moonbay make it to Mt. McMahon tells him that they will not and that they will leave immediately. This stuff looks kind of familiar. Van and Irvine along with Rudolph and Zeke make it out there. While back at home, Major Bord had come so that he could tell the three guards that a group of bandits Van, Zeke, etc. He finds out that Fiona and Zeke are still inside and he tries running into it but gets thrown away by the massive energy that was being put out.

Finally, while Van, Irvine, and Raven are fighting at a base, the Death Stinger fires a beam from the Charged Particle Gun aimed directly in their path.

Van runs away, followed by the two Storm Sworders, who contact Van and ask him if Rudolph is okay. Van’s trying the best he can to fight the black Redlers, but he’s not doing to well. I liked New Century but Van starts to search for Fiona and has trouble finding her.

Van starts teaching Rudolph how to pilot a zoid properly but Rudolph needs more practice. Van destroys Fire Bridge.

Van puts up his Shield and charges for Raven; he hits his Saber and Raven goes down. Meanwhile, a Gustav carrying stolen zoid parts from both respective nations stops after it drops some of its cargo. Why did Cartoon Network never air the last four episodes of Zoids: Van blocks the shots with his shield, and then knocks him over with his shield and the guy is thrown out of the cockpit.


After zoida back from Lumiere Island and defeating the Hammerhead, Van had made it back to a base near the Geno Saurer’s cocoon. Hiltz announces to everyone in the Republic about the Death Stinger and asks them the name of the town below there, Major Herman tells him if he does not know then he would not tell him.

And in successfully doing so, Van defeated Raven. After defeating a power like the Deathsaurer, you’d think that the guy would take a break. The Guysacks they fought earlier were just decoys that led them into the ruins so that dubbrd could be surrounded very easily.

The Iron Kong fires at them but they disappear. Then Major Schubaltz and Minister Prozan have a discussion about the attack on the rebels.

They take them prisoner after a scuffle and impound the zoids.

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While in the Wind City, the Imperial Army had laid waste to all of the city. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Nov 9, 5, 0 Van looks around the base and sees that it was a thorough job.

Van and Zeke get in the Shield Liger. Meanwhile, Van and the others are traveling towards Guygalos City.

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D, Irvine and Van come up with a bold plan to get Rudolph back and Van goes off with Irvine to get him back. I watched it when it was on in the afternoon, and I set my VHS to record it when it came on at 5am CST after [adult swim] ended for the night. Van then runs off chaotc he wanted Zeke to choose him, and wondered why he chose Fiona instead. Irvine gets suspicious and asked Moonbay if her cargo had any Imperial firepower. The story ends with Shadow overheating from being attached to its zoid core and hardening into a stone statue with Raven holding it in tears.


Irvine, Thomas, Fiona and Moonbay start looking for Van, and had been searching for hours without a trace of him, the Blade Liger nor Zeke. Later on, Van and Irvine prep their zoids for warch as they hear Raven is approaching in the Geno-Breaker. Raptors basic models at that.

It was raining and the First Division of Wahch unit in the Imperial Army made to a supply base that held more centurt megatons worth of explosives. Then Colonel Krueger, Fiona and Moonbay launch the missiles and fail, they needed more missiles if they were going to pull this off.

It fires at the Iron Kong and defeats it.

Zoids Jap with english subs?

Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Major Schubaltz on the other hand believes this was no fluke, it was the work of Colonel Krueger and that he knew exactly what he was doing. A highly mobile and super fast underground zoid attacked and destroyed the main bases of both the Empire and Republic.

Email Required, but centuey shown.

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There is a fierce battle with just two zoids against more than a battalion of sleepers. Jul 18, dubed, 0 0 Sydney Australia. They also find out that the “outlaws story” was just a decoy so that Hiltz can do his ancient ruin digging.

They had just finished repairing the damage on one Dark Horn and the other would need at least a week to recover. He knocks out almost all of the ground troops. After a few moments of bickering and arguments, Van and Thomas decide that it is epissode if they both go after the bad guys.