Articles containing Korean-language text. Promotion poster for Windstruck. The photo showed that on Myung-woo’s trip, Kyung-jin was nearby. I would love to hear what’s in your mind. Soon after, he is almost killed in a freak automobile accident, but Kyung-jin saves his life. Let’s all be friends!

Pretty Boy Episode 16 Finale Summary. In My Sassy Girl she say that she had a boyfriend that died before meeting Cha Tae-hyun and in Windstruck her boyfriend Myung-woo died due to hunting Sin Chang-su and in My Sassy Girl the reason why he died was never told. Windstruck Promotion poster for Windstruck. Myung-woo told Kyung-jin that he will always be beside her inside a book with a photo left by Myung-woo in the restaurant before he rushed to meet Kyung-jin who was chasing the insane criminal. Post a Comment Annyeong! Let’s all be friends!

The film stars Jun Ji-hyun as Officer Yeo Kyung-jin, an ambitious young female police officer serving on the Seoul police department.

Blog Design by Gisele Jaquenod. Kyung-jin falls into a suicidal depression over his death and attempts to kill herself several times, almost succeeding when she throws herself off a building, only to be saved when a windstryck balloon floats under her.

Promotion poster for Windstruck. Jun Ji-hyun Jang Hyuk.


Retrieved from ” https: The book and the photo is found and returned to Kyung-jin in the police station. Views Read Edit View history. Talk about being late. This was the start of their love story. I would love to windstrucl what’s in your mind.

Kyung-jin is then given the job of escorting Myung-woo through a dangerous district, only to be distracted when she tries to break up a omvie between Russian Mafia and Korean gangsters. However, death haunts his target and this time took the life of Myung-Woo in a crime scene where Kyung-Jin thought she killed him. Retrieved 4 June As we all know, all Korean men have to serve the military between years old. Myung-woo said that he will whisper, when she hears windstrudk whisper in the wind, she will meet someone with a soul like him.

As a result, Wibdstruck contains several subtle references to the previous film. Pretty Boy Episode 16 Finale Summary. Later, Myung-woo discovers the stolen purse, but just as he picks it up, Kyung-jin spots him and tries to arrest him again.

The film was ranked 8th best-selling Korean film ofselling 2, tickets. Jang Geun Suk vs. Films directed by Kwak Jae-yong.

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This proved Myung-woo’s “I’m always beside you” was true to Kyung-jin. The photo showed that on Myung-woo’s trip, Kyung-jin was nearby. Other versions may not have all tracks.


Saturday, August 3, Korean Movie: View my complete profile. Windstruck Promotion poster for Windstruck. Articles containing Korean-language text. Somehow they were handcuffed to each other for a whole day and got to know about each other.

Nonton Windstruck (2004) Subtitle Indonesia

Ultimately the film follows a similar path set out by the American film Ghost with Myung-woo and Kyung-jin communicating and sharing one final gesture of love before he moves on to the afterlife. If I were to choose between these two lovies, I’ll just kill myself if I really have to. I’d also love to know where you all came from.

Ads make money online. With Myung-woo handcuffed to her, Kyung-jin almost single-handedly brings down the two rival gangs although she is helped when she accidentally causes the groups to start moie at each other.