But ur summary change the impression of it! Running Man game Show Episode I can’t think up of one that does not have the airport scene in it hahahaha thank you so much for the translation!!! She sees him at a college reunion but is completely embarrassed when her friend Sae Ra pulls down her skirt and Yoo Hee is wearing Minnie Mouse boxers. Thank you very much: The date ends when Mu-Ryong falls asleep for a moment, resulting in Yoo Hee throwing a glass of water at his face and calling him rude. The simplest answer is that you don’t have to read this.

People must have criticized her bad acting or blame her for the low ratings or disappointment This episode was both fun and all sorts of ridiculous. At least you were entertaining. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Thanks for the summary. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe She then leaves Moo Ryung and goes to his bedside. I can feel her pain while watching My Girl Ep.

Joon Ha could not pick up his knife to cut because of his hand so Yoo Hee cuts for him.

She invites him to a drink and she asks if they can date but he walks out on her because he has made a deal with her father, just like before. His criticism of a head chef’s cooking causes him to lose his job. Is it better for her to marry someone who does not really love her but only want to climb up the ladder cos of her wealth and status?

Then, in this scene, the mother seems meek and humble, like one who knows her place is of lower status than the others.


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I was also reading your summaries for QSS but although i enjoy reading them very much, i stopped reading them up to by episode 9 because i decided the drama is too good for me to get myself ahead of the subtitles and spoil it for myself I have been waiting for this summary since they started showing the 13th episode. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Witch Yoo Hee – Episode 2. D cant wait for your next summary Too many things to be ripped off at the same time which make them so hard to be digested!


Witch Yoo Hee – Episode 5.


Too many things to put into an episode. I am definitely a fan of ur blog now and will continue reading your posts 21 future dramas This episode is good.

She asks him if he can continue to be her pretend boyfriend unless he can find her a lover. At least you were entertaining.

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Or maybe it was the air. Hey Javabeans, I can tell from your witty writing that you are an intelligent person. I am very disappointed with this drama and you and Jae Hee are the only ones who still let me have interest in knowing about this drama XD It’s really true!

Hi Javabeans, Found your blog recently and totally love the way tje summarize the episodes. Javabeans, you just enriched my kdrama viewing experience! Yoo Hee also continues to fall in love with her first love, who is engaged.

Or maybe this series. Thanks for the work you put into writing these summaries However this tends to get him into a lot of trouble because when working in a yuhde every moment counts and there is not possibly enough time to take so much care in preparation and decoration of meals. I know, why would they want her faucet and soap? I really am glad to have found your site.

Witch yoo Hee ep11 1/5

Maybe they put something into his medicine. She was just mistaken. Javabeans, you have such an awesome talent! I guess we’re supposed to believe Joon Ha gave yhhee up, and her father’s consenting, so now she gets to be with Mu-ryong Yoo Hee suffers increasing stomach pains, first calling Joon Ha, then Mu-ryong, for help.


Instead, she just looks mildly unhappy. Ominously, she responds with silence when Mu-ryong stops her eposode say: Witch Yoo Hee – Episode 8. It might seem that PD Jeon Ki Sang wants to be an action director, seeing how he keeps forcing it into a simple romantic comedy.

I have yet to watch the drama after episode 8 but your recaps kept me going. No matter how many blind dates she has, not one has ever led to a second. He did not get on the plane because of her and they embrace and kiss. He suggests eposode about it and staying behind, but Yoo Hee tells him he has to go. And Manager Lee and Hee Jung? Jae Hee in particular really saved your tragic ass, so you totally owe him some karmic brownie points.

She tells Yoo Hee firmly to stop calling Mu-ryong, adding: This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat Hmmm, it appears that the writers wasted a lot of time to put in recycled plot elements that’s why they tbe a lame attempt to “wrap things up” in the last 10 minutes or so of the show. Instead, she sends a little kid to bring him his ice cream cone, and her half of their couple ring set. Prerequisites for main cast: I loved this insane, silly episode because it made me laugh.

They yuhde him all the way to the boarding gate to confirm that the plane does, in fact, take off. He repeats in his lessons, “smile”, “be kind and gentle” and “be polite”.

Ooh, did you think that wicth mean? Love the review That was by far the best line of the review! But come on, like that’s news.