So there’s a total of four episodes. Seems pretty likely too. It just simply good storytelling. Remember when Aang met Roku for the first time and he was told how he had to master three elements in on year and Roku reassured him by saying he’s done it before. That’s the most disappointing shit out of this whole season. I’m liking the music so far, especially the upbeat tracks. As for Korra, I really don’t like her. Completely ignoring the fact the dire situation they found themselves happened because of her, that her stupidity and gullibility led her to trust Unalaq over her own father and Tenzin, prompted her to undo Wan’s work — which freed Vaatu and nearly destroyed the world in the process.

No, create an account now. Though I must say that I really miss the original cast at the moment, especially Toph and Aang. The sad part is that the people surrounding Korra are even worse, Bolin is an idiot and everyone else just wants to make money so they don’t really care, its pretty said that korra can’t see it from the other side. He made more than a few people angry when he forced that kiss on Ginger, the movie star. Also, I lol’d when Azula went batshit crazy at the end, randomly breathing fire all over the place. Seems pretty likely too. Disappointed with Bei Fong, how does someone like her not see that she’s being played? With the Lion Turtles now extinct, it should be impossible for anyone else to master all four elements.

I cant agree more, she’s been the most uncontrollable ignorant asshole this season.

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He’s going to need to be the mature, intelligent and strong one to take Varrick down. Might temporarily lose his job in the process though. It would be interesting if there was now a cycle of dark avatars being reborn. Black-Ice I have a few issues with that.


That’s a pirate anime site and against the rules. I was hoping to see him be like an actual avatar with all four elements. So self centered in her own prospective, just think with emotion and not logic.

And Eska at the end, I do wonder why she is chasing them, was it on orders from her father to capture Korra and her friends, or she just after Bolin, or both.

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It’d be pretty random if Sokka was there. Lives can’t be weighed like that.

Varrick is made of awesome. I think its pretty fitting for the series that retconned the nature of the avatar into something so shitty should have an avatar equally as shitty. WHen he touched the linked portals, the harmonic convergence probably synced his physical body to Raava’s spiritual essence and thus creating a spirit body link that would last for millenia. So there’s a total of four episodes. Ikki and Korra are epiaode by what we have to assume to be at least hundreds of miles at the current moment in the story.

Anyone else think Korra needed this amnesia badly? Can you link the episode pheonix Here it is.

It was also nice seeing that impressive display of bending after everything had been so toned down so far. Also what do you guys think about how the Avatar state is being handled? From the looks of it Unalaq’s plan is to free Vaatu before the Harmonic Convergence and become the ‘dark’ avatar. Also, Korra knows that the entire reason Wan closed the portals in the first place is because humans and spirits don’t get along.

The ending of this latest episode is probably the best thing that could have happened to this show.

The airbenders clearly developed their own spirituality and ability to commune with spirits, there’s a lot more to it than a turtle genie. Finally got around to watching this and wasn’t impressed. As for Korra, I really don’t like her.


From the beginning of seson second season I didn’t like the direction they were avatr the series, even more so after the finale we got yesterday. It’s just the chances he gets to fight are few and far between. I hate how earthbending has taken a back seat in the series.

Everything has been toned down, including the previous generation as we saw in the flashback in season 1. Airbender Avatar Avatar Hide similar threads. Of course the first only happened because the two corrupt officers tricked him, and the second as because he had evidence pertaining to the case. He should know better than to have even tried animejltima pull that shit. The Catboy likes this. Honestly, worst characters I’ve ever watched. Wan is awesome, he reminds me of Sokka a lot.

According to Wikipedia there will be four more episodes. And we didn’t see Tenzin this episode.

That guy has always been kind to her and tried his very best to accommodate her needs. Two next week and I guess two the week after that. The ability to control all four elements doesn’t come from Rava or Vattu.

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Mako, who got you thrown in jail?! The godzilla-like confrontation in the last episode was both underwhelming and anti-climactic. It goes in order.