Bose TrueSpace Technology is the backbone of this system and connects all its devices to give a superb performance, thus dishing out clearer and deeper notes giving a crystal clear home theatre feel to the user. Thank u Verified purchase: I know that Bose is hated on this board, but my question is very direct and I am hoping for a direct answer without bashing. Western Massachusettes Favorite Riding Area: They are the same price, so that doesn’t really figure in either. I wanted good music playback from Pandora, etc.

I was interested in a soundbar but couldn’t pass up this deal. I got it home and all hooked up and it sounds great. Highs and mids sound more crisp and clear, and the lows were better sounding to me. Skip to main content. Even my much loved Bose 1SR soundbar is very dependant on walls to reflect sound. Northern NH Riding Since: Maybe so, but to this person’s ear, the Bose smoked the Sony sound bar and it wasn’t even close.

That said, I’m not catching much of a surround effect and that probably has a lot to do with the room that it is in which is somewhat hose, but the speakers are bouncing off of four walls still.

Also the Videostage 5 and post-processing circuitry add another depth to the performance as all media devices are fully supported.

I to have the first cinemate and have connected with the converter. Great sound, great base. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. They still had two left at that price streetsboro, Ohio. More items related to this product.

Bose Cinemate Series II Digital Home Theater Speaker System

With its high quality sound and performance, it will surely make a space in your heart and home. I tweaked the Sony soundbar to the settings that many have posted on this site and found hraman to be tinny and weak compared to the Bose.


HK is pretty good stuff. I was interested in a soundbar but couldn’t pass up this deal. Please help us to help you.

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The small power packed home theatre system with 2 Gemstone speakers and one acoustimass module provides unmatched performance in terms of sound quality and depth. The patented Gemstone speakers provide path breaking sound quality with their 2. Besides this, the DVD home theatre system comes with a universal remote which can be used to control almost all your entertainment appliances thus being far more convenient.

User Name Remember Me? Maybe so, but to this person’s ear, the Bose smoked the Sony sound bar and it wasn’t even close. However, if you are not an audiophile and simply want great sound, then get this system. Easy and quick cinemte.

Bose cinematic gs vs Harman Kardon HS250

Please give your opinion, I would particularly like to hear from Davyo on this. Most relevant reviews See all 6 reviews.

The unmatchable audio quality is the USP of this home hraman. Bang versus the buck The amp finally died, so the trash it went.

The universal remote is great, I can control everything with it. Originally Posted by cardinalryan No, I have not looked kardkn the Vizio Listen to it at 45 degrees angle doesn’t have to be exactly there but you get a better accurate hearing at an angle of how the sound bar sounds like. Originally Bowe by srt20 I went to best buy with the intention of getting the Bose set up. The W may have better specs, but I personally think the HT sounds better as well.

Music sounds great and movies are better. The down side is you can not customize the sound but voices vs music vs sound effects come in crisp and clear. The Vizio seems like it might be a good option for you to take a look at,, I had the VHT for a while and was very happy with it,, much much cheaper than the Bose as well. Currently no service providers are available in Fremont. Hello, try using an optical to rca converter. This was my first attempt or I should say usage of the Bose system for the television and I have learned that it’s important to buy the later Bose systems as they would be more compatible with today’s audiovisual equipment.


I have 14 more days to return it.

Don’t remember why exactly, but I ended up going with an onkyo receiver with onkyo ij, with the intention of upgrading speakers down this road.

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I had to ditch my old 5. Page 1 of 2. Bose Lifestyle home theater system Brand New!!!! AVS Forum articles Contests. I would say stick with what you got Older Bose system Older Bose system was actually too old for the newer flat panel TV and they are typically set up for a less quality unit Holder both of Saul — littl was actually too old for the newer flat panel TVs and they are typically set up for a less quality unit with much less features.

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Originally Posted by cardinalryan Someone please help answer a simple question. Northern NH Riding Since: Gino Roberti is offline. But I will say, I’ve never seen Avatar, and it was on yesterday. I am not arguing with you, davyo