Punchi Weerayo – Sinhala Teledrama. Live Programs Reality Shows Technology. Waluka – Sinhala Teledrama. Prithvi Maha Raja – Sinhala Teledrama. Thuththiri – Sinhala Teledrama. Adarei man adarei – Sinhala Teledrama. Visuuviyas kandu Paa Mula. Visharada Manoj Peiris who has been handling the music orchestration for Chat n Music right from the beginning, is also playing a crucial role in the coordination of artistes for the programme.

Visuuviyas kandu Paa Mula. Muthu Kuda Teledrama – Sinhala Teledrama. Nil Ahasa Wage Teledrama. Sillara Samanallu – Sinhala Teledrama. Rupavahini Sansare piya satahan teledrama – 07th of August Package – Sinhala Teledrama.

Derana Dream Star 8.

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Nil Ahasa Wage Teledrama. Negenahira Weralen Asena Teledra Wehi pabalu sela teledrama Theme Song slow version – Shehan Kaushalya.

Pahasara Sinhala Teledrama – Sinhala Teledrama. Sillara Samanallu – Sinhala Teledrama. Also they can learn lot of things as they are not dull and fantastical, which means that they are not realistic.

Poori – Sinhala Teledrama. Mini Gan Daela – Sinhala Teledrama.

Bodhi Teledrama – Episode 56 – 28th February 2017

Derana Star City Comedy Season. Ads here x More than episodes of the program have been produced as of Dekopul Kandulin Thema – Lahiru ft Abhisheka. Batti – Sinhala Teledrama. Malee 02 – Aththamma Sinhala Teledrama – 29th October.


Sath Piyawaru Sinhala Teledrama – Episode: Love You Boss Teledrama. Duvili Ahasa – Sinhala Teledrama. Sri Lanka’s Politics Videos. Chandika Wijesena took over the reins from him and while Udaya Kumara Tennekoon, Chaminda Rohan and others were the producers.

There are many creative sinyala to teach children, but the most important thing is that parents should know what kind of things make children concentrate. Derana Dream Star 7.

Ahas Maliga – Sinhala Teledrama. Mansala – Sinhala Teledrama. Sneha Sinhala Teledrama – 01 – 03rd February. Rahu – Sinhala Teledrama. Wes – Sinhala Teledrama. Feng Shui Gedara – Sinhala Teledrama. Adara Sandhwaniya Sinhala Teledr Hiru TV News 9. Thimiragira Sinhala Teledrama – 66 – 17th February. Lakai Sikai Sooriya Sirasai. Mal Dewata – Sinhala Teledrama Part Neela Pabalu – Sinhala Teledrama. Kanamadiriyo – Sinhala Teledrama. Sithin Siyawara – Sinhala Teledrama.

Paravi Kirilli – Maharaja Kansa – Sinhala Teledrama. Dj Ara and Aishwarya. Bhawa Sewaneli Poya Teledrama – 03rd May. Gemunu Maharaja 2 Teledrama. Telegrama animado – Teledramas – Stripper -. Sri Lankan jailed for 12 years over plane bomb scare.


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Wamana Yamaya – Sinhala Teledrama. Soorayangeth Sooraya – Sinhala Teledrama. View all your favorite cartoons and enjoy. Pipena Mal – Teledrama Trailer. Also features links to humor, animation, comics, amusement parks, and many other Swapna – Sinhala Teledrama.


Video: Chaya Teledrama 25.02.2014 Part1

Potawatiya – Sinhala Teledrama. Me Paren Enna Teledrama. Swapna Sinhala Teledrama, every weekday at 8.