Reconcile with Ushio, bawww…. Strike-throughed text means that the choice might appear depending on your other choices, but you must not choose it, otherwise it’ll lock you into another route. The following HTML markups may be used: If that’s true he could have been developing this story for a long time in his mind from the time since he was a child. Your article proves that you have not played the game, and you even said it yourself in the first paragraph. Picking her up with them smiling, he is able to see the continuation of his old dream once more, and sees Nagisa under the Tree of Promises smiling lovingly at him and Ushio. Yukine was originally intended to be one of the “main heroines” and her route was supposed to be longer but Jun Maeda was unsatisfied with her route.

It culminates in this conversation: Twitter Updates Tweets by Hanners The solution is either to assume each story as a separated one or make the protagonist suffer from some serious amnesia. This show had a great potential to reach that other side of life th is mellowly sweet, and instead they threw away their momentum that many fans got caught up with. This item has been added to your Favorites. This didn’t change my ability to complete the various routes, but it changes the story. Clannad touches your very soul and teaches you how to live life. Another video is a short one-minute-fifteen-second piece compiling scenes from the film that come together as a backdrop to the original version of the song “Mag Mell” taken from the visual novel ‘s original soundtrack.

Based Shinji Says

Tomoya and Youhei are considered delinquents, though all they do is skip class storylinee show up late when they do bother to attend. Perhaps Ushio in real life is the physical manifestation of the city given a human form. Clannad is really the best anime I’ve ever watched.

They’ll all eventually change. The “misunderstanding” between Ryou and Nagisa on the rooftop. After Nagisa and Tomoya get married, there’s a scene of them meeting on a hilltop path, the sun setting behind them.


Tomoya collapses in the snow shortly after Ushio’s death, pleading for Nagisa — for anyone — to save her. This might be an dkagram bias, but I tend to think something has a somewhat more likely chance of being credible if it turns up on the blogosphere than if it turns up in a forum post. Later, Tomoya and Nagisa. She then sends Tomoya back plain and simple deus ex machina for him to unlock the true ending. storyyline

Her last words to her parents were how she hated them, because they were going to miss her birthday to go to a conference. Parallel universes with Time Loops? Things start to get worse when the very place where Akio wished for Nagisa to survive starts to be modified and its vegetation removed to make room for a new modern hospital building oh the irony. If you play the VN, as Tomoya you are suppose to make choices to help people throughout the game.

Sunohara really is that stupid. Outside the window is a vast plain with nothing. I have not played the game yet, so I was half-excited and half-nervous when I saw this; I really wanted to make an interpretation on my own. This goes with the changes in storylkne city and the changes in people, lifestyle and technology.

The other is from season 1 episode 22 where Nagisa ends the play by singing the same song.

Immediately afterward, she apologizes to Tomoya. In her first main arc, Fuko had one major contribution: Tomoyo, who got her route extended in Tomoyo After. Hilarity Ensues and when Sanae and Akio start messing with him too, Tomoya does a fast headdesk. Near the beginning of the first season, Tomoya chides Nagisa for storylin unable to decide if her play is intended to make viewers laugh or cry.

Tomoya and Ushio in the second to the last episode of After Story.

Clannad: After Story (Clannad ~After Story~) –

Schizophrenia is a brain disorder where the mind has a hard time separating reality from fantasy. Tomoya killing himself or just dying would make it seem like death leads to happiness. Town, Nagisa, Ushio and the Illusionary World? Tomoya has quite the amusing imagination! This show takes a shot at fathers.


He collects orbs from the various people he helps. In NovemberKey announced that Tomoyo After would be localized as well. While technology is not at all represented, I feel that the author of the story also wants to comment on how the superficial and materialistic lives of people in the modern era undermine our ability to seek true happiness through relationships with other physical beings.

To be fair, Naoyuki did have breakdowns in the later years, but when Tomoya realizes that he’s been doing a Generation Xerox ever since Nagisa diedhe wholeheartedly forgives his father, and reconciles with Ushio. He wished that he never met Nagisa. Not quite everything, considering Key’s background.

May 3, 7: The audience is probably cheering at Sunohara for beating them up after bullying Mei. Baseball Episode Bathtub Bonding: This way, every route becomes meaningful, with honest interactions and alternative-Tomoyas living happily ever after. His daughter can’t recognize him. Obviously there are multiple different interpretations out there. Possibly Yuusuke and Kouko, although we don’t see them together that much.

Some geospatial data on this website is provided by xlannad. Ushio created the illusionary world in order to save clannas and Nagisa by collecting the fragments of happiness that Tomoya gathers in the form of orbs of light. Many fans were not pleased with the interruption. Also, Illusionary World Ushio planned all the gathering diagraam light orbs from different realities.