Wednesday’s episode of CSI marks the CBS procedural’s th episode, and no matter how you slice it, that’s a lot of murder. The episode will feature lots of Easter eggs, including 14 different references to the number We took a poll among all the writers: You could really see how far Sara has come, how far Greg has come, the influence of Catherine. Although Grissom has only appeared a handful of times since the character was written out in Season 9, his spirit seems to always loom over the action. It was a really fun opportunity to give a nod to how great the show is and how its longevity has really created this dynamic where we’ve seen the characters grow and evolve. Crime Scene Investigation is now close to midway through the shooting schedule on its 14th season. This not only served as the base layer for the exterior of the opening shot, but also as a screen prop in several other non-VFX shots.

The first is the number on the bust:. Seeing The Premier logo everywhere really tied things together. As the CSIs dig for clues, the show uses what McGill calls “faux-backs” to tie the two cases together. There’s a weight and a sadness that she carries. Why you should watch The Voice, World of Dance and more! Every detail needed to be realized, from the reception desk, down the stairs to the gambling pit, over the fully stocked bar, past the slots, and up to the side doors.


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The 14 Hidden 300s in ‘CSI’s’ 300th Episode

What are your favorite epixode Feature List Below is a full list of all the features, special articles and other key links. Movie Roundup Articles Below will be the 12 most recently updated Movie Roundup Articles for the upcoming popular movies. CSI’s success is particularly remarkable when you consider that the show’s Miami- and New York-based spin-offs have both come and gone while the original trucks on.

CSI: Las Vegas – th Episode – Hidden Easter Eggs – Press Relese

Live E;isode Day The first is the number on the bust:. Info Center Star Eatser. You probably caught the bank statement:. Feb 8, Watchlist CSI: It makes my Wednesdays so much better. Air-conditioning units, vents, and an assortment of pipes were placed on the roof to add believability to the building when the camera scraped over it at the top of the shot. Maynard played with scale, viscosity, and different densities until we finally hit on what we needed.

I’ll look forward to this easted. You can’t see it, but you can feel it. All times are GMT And she feels fairly anchored, as much as Sara can. Find More Posts by Sulieter. This would allow the CG camera to take over from the real one and fly seamlessly through the glass and into the fully computer-generated interior.


Model Builder Craig Currie provided production with a basic miniature of the hotel. The “Nosumi ” computer:. It’s just that the original CSI so defined what a procedural was. Happy watching if you’re watching tonight.

This isn’t one of the 14, but even if you didn’t know they were pulling this stunt, you still probably caught the multiple times the ” frames” of Darcy Blaine film came up.

We took a poll among all the writers: We reference a case that was the one that got away for our CSIs. You definitely caught the on the camera:. What moments do you remember the best on set? How did you do? Detwiler spent one morning with his 7D camera at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, shooting textures for the casino interior, which was to be Art Deco in style.

This should be interesting: RealFlow creates very realistic fluid simulations, and we were going for a somewhat nonrealistic look. The model was placed on a riser with a black curtain stretched taught behind it. Let’s start with the easy ones.

There was the clap board:. Discovery Star Wars: