The Nation of Domination. The announcers went over the rules. The Smackdown rosters will take each other to Hell, while others will go through Hell in a Cell. Brands like Raw and SmackDown get their own pay per views, but once ECW was released as a third brand we were awaiting the day it got it’s own special event. Balls Mahoney defeated Matt Striker. ECW December to Dismember —. Nitro hit a no hands plancha over the top to take out both guys. He took the blame for the show being so bad even though he said in this interview with The Sun that he was trying to get things changed.

Team Raw Vs Team Smackdown goes head to head for brand superiority, once again. Huge clothesline by Knox. Paul Heyman was watching from ringside. Nice double team wheelbarrow type move by the Hardys to send Mercury out of the ring. Sports rated the pay-per-view 4 out of 10 stars, stating, “the two matches that were promoted saved this thing from being a debacle”. RVD nailed a dropkick into the chair on Punk as Punk was against the turnbuckle. They lowered the Extreme Elimination Chamber. Then Daivari went to a sleeper.

Learn more More Like This. Johnny Nitro Mickie Henson Front suplex by Jeff on Nitro.

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McMahon was attempting to put the blame on Heyman for the poorly received pay-per-view, and after a meeting with Vince and Stephanie McMahonHeyman legitimately left World Wrestling Entertainment but remained under contract.

Views Read Edit View history. Lashley whipped Show into the pod. After Daivari won the match using a roll-upKhali came back out to the ring and gave Dreamer a chokebomb.


Aside from a few cool spots from RVD as well as the top rope elbow from Test, this was a below average match that was very disappointing.

Yes, it got two stars out of five. Daivari is strangely dominating the whole time.

He said that his match will be extreme rules — then later clarified that it would be an extreme enforcement of the rules. Bobby Lashley is the 5 man against Test. I can remember shows like King of the Ring and King of the Ring being really bad as well as several others from the mids, but this one really may be the worst of them all.

He never became a big deal despite having an impressive amateur background. Lashley nailed Test with a crowbar shot to the ribs.

TJR Retro: WWE ECW December To Dismember 2006 Review by John Canton

Promotional poster featuring The Sandman. That would have worked better in terms of popping the crowd. WWE promoted shows included. No tag to Jeff because MNM knocked him off the apron.

Email me at mrjohncanton gmail. This video aired at the 90 minute mark in a three hour show. Sandman went into the ring, he nailed Thorn with the Singapore cane three times. It advanced the storyline with Knox getting mad at Kelly because Kelly liked Punk. You must be a registered satch to use the IMDb rating plugin.

The thing is, this is the Elimination Chamber and even a regular one of these matches should hit the decemner level. The Big Show lost, thus ending their storyline feud, [38] and he announced his retirement from wrestling, [39] although he made his return in at No Way Out.


The finish was well done.

Elijah Burke and Sylvester Terkay made their entrance. The guy is a horrible wrestler and will sadly go on to have a day run as ECW Champion, because that is Vince’s vision. Rob Van Dam vs. During a pinfall attempt, Matt Hardy made the save and performed a double neckbreaker on both members of MNM.

Was this review helpful to you? World Tag Team reigns. They have done so many PPVs and they almost always go to around the This was reportedly part of the reason he had been scripted to be easily defeated by Umaga on an episode of Raw a few weeks earlier.

According to the interview, McMahon nixed the idea, but Big Show liked the direction Heyman was heading, and was eager for the opportunity to “make” a rising star like Punk.

Next was Matt Striker versus Balls Mahoney in a “Striker’s Rules” match, a match with “no gouging of the eyes, no pulling of the hair, no maneuvers off the top rope and, most importantly, no foul language”.