Thank you all very much. The cinema became an important part of the community and may have contributed more to British cinema than most would imagine. One of the most popular features of the cinema was its interiors, decorated with extravagant Baroque and Moorish designs. Paul Anka ; Right: I have always liked The Ink Spots and especially liked them when I was a kid. Now, an arts venue hosting live music, comedy, theatre, spoken word and films in the cinema room Maud with a restaurant on the mezzanine foyer overlooking a cocktail bar in the ticket booth Mirth The main auditorium is currently in restoration.

During the Second World War , all cinemas were required to close at 9 p. These photographs were generously provided by The McGuffins. Other members of the Tour Top Left: The Multiplex — I regret that it is not my cup of tea. Theatres Trust has been supporting the council in this ambition and will continue to provide advice and support. Following the purchase of tickets, patrons made their way through a second set of doord and passed into the large entrance hall. Again, once the curtains slowly began to open at the instigation of the toastmaster, Messrs. Roy Orbison ; Top Right:

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A happy on-looker captures the moment. This was done by installing an apron over the orchestra pit. As time went on it was found that if the film was non- CinemaScopethere was room to leave the console on the side of the stage without blocking the screen, so the organ was occasionally used to play in the audience before the show, the last occasion apart from the closing show in being in Novemberwhen it was played by Adam Evans for the screening of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

However, one method that brought in revenue and filled the seats of the theatres was by presenting Live Shows. The orchestra made a number of recordings cinrma, which have been reissued and are available to the public. The Granada Theatre Walthamstow departed wwalthamstow convention with its placement of the box office. Apparently the theatre was only able to reopen at the end of November thanks to the diligence and ingenuity of the staff who managed to forage what was needed to patch the roof.


After this, it was used for special recitals only. Prior to its walthzmstow, Sidney Bernstein purchased the land directly behind the Hall and so was able to have the new theatre built perpendicular to the street, which allowed it to have a much larger auditorium. The announcement of another singer started, a spotlight fell on me, much to my horror and the guy next to me stood up and sang, thankfully Gene Vincent.

We wanted to bring Mirth back to the Foyer, which is in itself a Walthamstow Marvel. Simon Gledhill at the stage console in Students often demonstrated impatience while waiting for a product to separate out during their practical sessions.

Mirth Walthamstow

According to this blog item, the theater has suffered significant deterioration and damage caused by some squatters that temporarily occupied the theater and from neglect on the part of the church that owns the property. The Proscenium Arch consisted of a series of orderly decorated steps that project back into the stage area. But worse was to come, as ownership of the theatre passed between various cinema companies following sales, bankruptcy and mergers. Between the 3rd January, and the 25th May,the interested parties faced each adversity as it rose up against them.

One of the first theatres to be sold was the Century Sloughwhich was one of my favourite cinemas and the first Granada Theatre I went to. It was one of several photos illustrating an article on Spanish and Moorish architecture that begins on this page of the magazine, which features another, smaller, photo of the theater.

By Januarythe Rank Organisation and 20th Century Fox resolved their differences and kissed and made up and Rank regained the right to screen their presentations. I recently learned that the foyer of the theatre was used as a makeshift morgue during the war after the bomb that landed nearby killed several people.

Local Group Soho Theatre, Walthamstow. The cinema closed in and was purchased by Universal Church of the Kingdom walthaamstow God UCKG with the intention of converting the building into a church. There was an orchestra pit from which an organ console rose up on a lift.


The Theatre in the snow Grateful thanks to The Med for permission to reproduce this photograph. As a result of the tripling, Live Shows ended at the theatre.

The blog has links to walthakstow videos about the theater that include some historical photos as well as one of the flooded main auditorium: During the s many cinemas were not allowed to open on Sundays. Cinemas opened at 4. I would like to thank Mr.

It is hoped that they will liaise with other parties who wish to see the building re-opened as an entertainment use venue.

There is significant local community and council support for a return to theatre use.

Retrieved from ” https: The carpeted barrel-vaulted walkway is illuminated by small chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and the side walls are once again decorated with fluted ionic pilasters with round headed mirrors between them.

CSWalczak on March 6, at 3: After several months of vigorous campaigning by members of The Walthastowin April Cinven-ABC- Odeon finally relented and agreed to revise its original sales clause to allow the EMD to operate as a fully independent cinema.

Granada Theatre

UCKG were then set a date in Novemberto decide what to do with the building, and after the deadline had passed, they decided to apply again and take the case to a second Public Inquiry, which was due to take place ed summer of I am sure that it is not a good film and that, should I ever see it, I would find it to be so, but I would like very much to find this out for myself!

However, crowds began to form on Hoe Street on the previous Friday night, but the police did not allow them to stay. Following the end of the second world war, Mr. Men of inspirationindeed! During the interim, the building has been broken into on two occasions. Few of us were interested in watching the films.