This page was last edited on 16 December , at Meanwhile, Eddie is looking after his niece who is attending a meeting for a potential job as a model, only to find her dreams dashed after she is conned by the fashion agency. Watch Now mtv Free. Mickey and the team are locked up, but mysteriously get given a job from two MI6 officers, one of whom happens to be friends with DCI Britford, in exchange for the charges against them being dropped. But a close friend of the crew, whom they’ve worked with on a few occasions, gets arrested for handling stolen goods. With only a few days to go until Albert’s parole hearing, Mickey decides to help him celebrate with something special, by tricking a judge, the last of the “old guard”, into thinking that they can lead him to a fortune that was promised to him by a deceased criminal: Season 1, Episode 1 April 22, No one has ever attempted to steal the crown jewels since Thomas Blood , let alone succeed.

Amongst his possessions is a jewel-encrusted tiger that he cannot sell because of a clause in an ancestor’s will. Lorena Magallanes Kari Coleman Just as things look like they could not get worse, the crew learn the somewhat inconvenient burial place of the diamonds; under a police station. Marcus Andrews Richard Schiff Wood, Fielding and their new-found partners in crime have been waiting in the wings, and now – their own con complete – they confront Mickey to revel in their success. AO Max and Caroline’s plans to attract a more sophisticated clientele to their dessert bar take a turn when Max befriends a bouncer whose team of arm wrestlers becomes their latest patrons.

Albert is in Chinatown to close a deal with current mark Phil, but finds that his brother-in-law is notorious hard-man Czech Charlie. Initially, Frank Gorlay, a crooked casino owner, and the one responsible for putting Albert in hospital, x106 untouchable.

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Their con is simple: Best friends are mistaken for lesbians in the opener of this series, in which two high schoolers become popular by pretending to be gay. Season 1, Episode 7 June 3, Their “mark” for this last job is a greedy businessman who they plan to hit with a “stock market” con, but as things progress well and go to plan, short con player, Danny Blue, suddenly enters the picture, in his attempt to try and join the team, even by being part of the con itself.

Determined to put the corrupt fraudsters through their paces, Mickey hatches an elaborate weight-loss scam, to sell them what they think will be a miraculous diet pill. First appearance of Billy Bond. Start your free trial. Then Phil collapses dead, so Albert tries to cut his losses and leave the con, but Charlie demands the return of the “original investment” by the end of the week. Clarissa Bartwell is an immoral woman, who holds pricey charity events, but keeps most of the proceeds secretly to herself, spending it on her greatest passion, all things fashionable, though each item she gets often goes out of fashion before she wears it.


Just as things look like they could not get worse, the crew learn the somewhat inconvenient burial place of the diamonds; under a police station.

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Why you should watch the Oscars, True Detective and more! Danny Blue and Stacey Monroe.

Albert reveals that for a grifter to be conned by such a small-time scam will lead to serious bad luck. Edit Storyline Shaun and Claire devise an experimental procedure capable of saving a young groom’s leg and life, but the patient’s loved ones must learn to work together.

Nurse Farrar Nimet Kanji Caught between a rock and a hard place, Mickey must think of a solution that will satisfy both MI5 and the newspaper editor, without landing him and his team in prison for a very long time Now with the threat of demolition looming ever closer, the social group look set to lose their usual hangout.

Railton FC fell at the hands of Don Coleman, a ruthless football agent who is prepared to step over anyone who gets in the way of him making money.

His position in known criminal circles means the team have to devise a scheme that will see they do not get pursued by him after the con epiosde done.

The Wendell family have a history of running fu,l for generations, notorious for their strict policy on cheaters and grifters, always vowing to take down anyone who tries to con them. I love these blank faces right before Armageddon.

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Season 6, Episode 4. Danny must devise a calm and well thought out plan to sneak it from right under the mark’s nose Kulvinder Samar is an amoral sweat-shop owner, but he has a weakness: Season 1, Episode 8 Spisode 10, Fakiing first the crew think they have no choice but to walk away; but then it transpires that Kamar has lost his short-term memory, and in a moment of inspiration, they realise that this might be their opportunity to make grifting history – to pull off the same con, on the same mark, twice.


Neil Melendez Antonia Thomas The crew are back and raking their way back up after losing everything in 10×6 brief spell in Las Vegasthanks to Danny they’re banned from every hotel in London and have lost all their money. Would she betray her fellow grifters and leave with him? A special surveillance team is formed to monitor them, including a familiar DS who is eager to not only foil the heist, but lock up Mickey for his part in it, after the mess he made of their previous case against him Because for the mafia, an insult like this, can only be dealt in one way.

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Last appearance of all remaining cast. The team use that in their plans for the heist, but even if fhll get the money, they have to find a way of sneaking it out of the casino, and to keep the mafia off their backs. The team fly out to grifters heaven, Las Vegas, when they find fulll Albert’s been beaten up by Mafia boss, Johnny Maranzano, for disrespecting his father’s decision to ban him from his family’s casino years ago.

The community centre they use was a listed building until it was bought, and the listing was shortly removed afterwards. Danny has discovered a potential new member for the crew and decides to bring him in to the team and with their latest con, but Mickey is not convinced until Danny’s persistence finally pays off, and the new kid is let in.

Coleman pulled a clever trick on the football club using the small print in a talented young player’s contract. Their latest con is to sell a forgery of the artwork to one of two avid collectors at the next auction by switching it with the original, after they get verified before its sale, whilst selling the original piece to the other collector after the auction, with Albert and Stacie enticing the pair to up their bids, so to increase their profit.