It’s a form of social cohesion and solidarity Most of them are also gang related and are very dangerous and some of them are also charge with kidnapping and murder. Tehran chief prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi has said he is looking for execution verdicts for 17 other criminals. It has happened in other countries. National Sarah Evans In fact, the level of excitement among us activists is in direct proportion to society’s enthusiasm and dynamism, which, well, has subsided at the moment

I mean, the more your professional rank rises, the more you’re in danger. There were giants who would take the brunt of the crackdowns, people like [journalists] Akbar Ganji, Shams ol-Vaezin, Masoud Behnood. For example, the summons by the disciplinary committee that year indeed carried a high price, but afterward, even expulsion, which also happened to me, was no longer a big deal. See, we are nobodies in these elections. Nearly four years have passed since the birth of Iran’s green movement. Moghaddas was known for his strict handling of a number of sensitive cases involving critics of the Iranian authorities. Helping SMEs with their travel budgets. The evidence is conclusive:

Over the last three years I have become very stoic, and since censorship has made publications and dailies ineffectual, I have become more interested in research work. This documentary is for educational purposes only.

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Meanwhile, the developments of the last four years have affected him in more personal ways. Capital offences in Iran include murder, rape, armed robbery, apostasy, blasphemy, serious drug trafficking, pederasty, adultery or prostitution, treason and espionage.

Politics Tshidi MadiaPelane Phakgadi I think that was the worst blow. As we walk to a nearby cafe, I ask what drew him to journalism.

Ahmad had been summoned by his university’s disciplinary committee that year for publishing a series of pro-reformist bulletins. I started working as a journalist in the spring of Working to learn to listen We sincerely hope that you like the News, we made for you guys. Sign in Continue with Facebook Continue with Google. I meet fklm with Xrazel — not his real name — by a newsstand on Tehran’s Enghelab Avenue.


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All recent searches will be deleted. I saw that in journalism. We disseminate the news, launch a tweeter cascade, and of course attend casual gatherings at each other’s homes. Receiving sentences from judges and spending time in jail also became routine. Create Account Lost Your Password? Arising from the massive street protests against the official results of the presidential election, it endured brutal repression and finally receded in the face of arrests, beatings, and torture.

We must use every opportunity, in any space that opens up for progress. The slain judge sentenced writer Akbar Ganji to six years in prison in for implicating regime officials in the murders of opposition figures. The elections are just a family feud within the ruling echelons. Gangsters don’t climb trees – YouTube. Of course, we have to pay the price that comes with it.

In fact, the level of excitement among us activists is in direct proportion to society’s enthusiasm and dynamism, which, well, has subsided at the moment Topics Iran Tehran Bureau.

Green Movement activists live in fear as Iran’s presidential election nears

After the election, which swept the reformist Mohammad Khatami to the adazel, many young Iranians began to define their identities through social action. It had become routine. When you break through that, then it becomes normal. Speaking with greater ease, he says that if all the progressive political forces in the country focus on a single candidate, he might become active in the campaign, despite all the hardships he has experienced.

As Arash lights up as well, he tells me about the summer ofwhen the demonstrations first erupted. This point of view fulm in me becoming somewhat isolated among my friends. All contacts with friends who have left Iran have been severed, because of my caution and their prudence.

They drew me to politics — my first main foray was during the national elections. We enter Cafe Godot, a modern coffee house whose young patrons obas filling the air with cigarette smoke. I am not arrogantly proud, but I think I am on the right path.


Des gangsters se font tirer dessus en pleine rue! As always please don’t forget to subscribe, like and share this video if you wanna see more. Ahmad’s mood appears to have changed over the course of our conversation.

These types of occasions are chances for resuscitation, for getting small creeks flowing again. If we don’t take advantage of such opportunities, the society will in all likelihood end up politically incapacitated or dead, leaving a dark void with an unfathomable end.

Guns, Gangsters, Thieves in Iran 2015 (اراذل اوباش ۲۰۱۵) Arazel Obash 2015 [English Subtitles]

And, well, I consider journalism at home more effective and more important,” he says, seemingly contradicting his preceding comment about the ineffectuality of the profession. The new round of public hearings take place amid death threats against witnesses who have testified before the inquiry. It is a win-win game. Want to publish your media releases here? Bhekisisa Mia Malan Loading comments… Trouble loading? Does sex work legislation have an impact on gender-based violence and HIV infection rates?

He worked at the reformist campaign headquarters, but Iranian voters, disenchanted by how little had changed during Khatami’s two terms in office, turned in other directions and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad became president.

My capacity to overlook daily incidents has diminished. I have never regretted the path I’ve embarked on. The execution took place on the second anniversary of his death at the scene of the crime.