Examine how the materials are arranged and how they are classified? Identify the correct grammar c. What are its weaknesses? How are the pieces of information arranged? The information was clear. Embeds 0 No embeds. I would do the same way the teacher taught the lesson by using examples of real life objects or compounds that are acid or base and letting the students touch it, feel it, and sometimes taste it if the materials are edible because with the use of real life objects that we see on our home or on our everyday life we can experience it and have more deeper understanding.

This is motivational because the messages can motivate the learners to perform better and have greater confidence to promote peace and order in their early age. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Videos, images being projected will also help them narrow down the differences between acid and base. Doing survey can help me realize what other learningmaterials that I need to make or avail in order to enhance learningin my class. Picture Cards this will help me in presenting my topic because this is one way of showing the children the concrete illustration of the real object. As a future teacher, I will onlyfacilitate my learners and they are the one who will give the meaningof a concept.

Describe the differences in ability levels of the students in class. It did give a great contribution to my knowledge in relation to the learning environment and the different learning tools. I first consider the accessibilty, the strengh and the weaknesses of the site if it was related to my chosen topic.

Embeds 0 No embeds.

The teacher may also do surveys to the available materials orcan search through the internet. No more than two font in a document — in my handout I used three different font styles.

Choosing topic correctly will give you a good plan on your handouts.

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Doing assignment It is the clock that used hands the left of the: You will receive a link to create a new password. What difficulties, if any, did the teacher experience? January 09, School: Go around the Learning Resource Center. Creative teachers try to present concepts and content in an interesting way. Students have an active involvement in it because the board displayseems to be student made.


The guidelines and procedures facilitate easy access to the materials by the teacher because the instruction was very clear and was posted on the door before entering the center. Log In Sign Up. An example of a substitutionreaction occurs when zinc combines with hydrochloricacid. Since it is made by certain students,so I can say that everythingbeingposted are being reflected on the likes or interest of its target audience because the main target audience are also the students but it is not the totalitybecause every student has its own style.

See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The available materials that we saw in the learning resource center are appropriate in our target grade level.

As I parts and functions of microscope as my topicI also choose several learning resources such as chalkboard,books,power point presentation,mockups, realia,photocopies,pictures and visualaids.

Name at least five skills that a teacher should haveto be able to come up with effective board displays. It will be onlyweak if the teacher do not know how to efficiently utilize the It assists the teacher in deliveringher lesson,so it is appropriateto use this material for a large number of Identify the good values to commit peace and justice. Through the use of visual aids,the teacher delivers her lesson effectively. Do their actions show attentiveness, eagerness and understanding?

A good slide should include transitions oreffects to put emphasis on some points ofthe lesson,but not too many. The suggestion that I would give is she should have gave an experiment that shows the difference of acid and base.

Post Activity Answer the following: It uses information which was clear to the learners and the font size was also clear that can be seen few meters away. I need also to develop my informativeskills byreadingbooks and magazines, searchingthrough internet,and most of all to be updated about the events or happenings in this world. When a thick fog “lifts,” the resulting clouds are low stratus. What references do I use?

The difficultiesthat I had encounter, the expenses and the sleepless night were not taken for grantend because I learned a lot. Another reason is the teacher has already the stock of instructional materials in her bank so she can easily get these in its bank by the times that she needs to use these.


Nahihirapan ka sa paksang ito. There is also a need for me to accept criticism from others towards my work in order for me to develop or improvemy work.

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The chosen materials must be appropriate and can contribute to the achievement of learningobjectives. The language used in the bulletin board was clear and simple that the target audience could understand immediately.

While when I was in high school, my other teacher treats us very different. Communication-Teachers know that words combined with visual content can often communicate more than words alone. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The skills that I have are the visual skills, organizational skill and the skill of minimalistic views. The contents of the slides are important points ofthe lesson and must not include the whole words that I have to say for the whole discussion.

This is the entrance of cantil-e elementary school.

In my interaction with students, I will strive always to be respectful, especially when dealing with differing opinions that dpisode arise as product of scientific thinking. Allowing children to show that they learned the stages of mitosis in a way where they feel most comfortable except by lecturing C.

I suggest that the cleanliness of the center should be maintained. Comment on the appropriateness of the teaching aids to the learning tasks. In the budget, epiwode we are all suffering from financial difficulties, GOD still provide the budget to buy my materials in making my instructional materials.

Students are episoed involved in the construction of knowledge through active involvement. All of my thoughts, ideas, passions, and perspectives in my head where used in making this portfolio, it was indeed both challenging and rewarding experienced for me. The emphasis in experiential learningwas on the process of learningand not on the product.