No surprise , hadvar says that ulfric kicked imperial ass before the general tullius came can be triggered right after u escape helgen and the legates will say that the rebellion has forced the legion to recruit locally meaning they have suffered heavy casualties can be triggered before u take a side on the war. I didn’t get my wish. Financial aid IS indirect aid. He had no choice, no self-respecting Nord did. Where do you get that from? The commander in the first stronghold barking orders is an absolute cock and that set the tone for me. Stormcloaks on the ground and Stormcloaks on the walls looking at each other. Dawnstar and The Pale are given to the Imperials.

You see, the objective of “Season Undending” is to negotiate a truce between the Legion and the Stormcloaks. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Even if the civil war has started, these holds are guaranteed to have their original affiliation: Everything inside was fabricated , if you’d look for it now all u’d see is the fourth legion in the first era. Hammerfell has already proven it can be done alone. The Thalmor is more like some other European country, like Spain or something, that have interest in the area and hate the Empire British but never got involved. The thalmor dossier on ulfric said so.

the elder scrolls 5 skyrim – Can’t talk to Tullius about Season Unending – Arqade

All the more reason for the Empire to work with the Nords and not against them. Therefore your first task is to travel to High Hrothgar and convince Arngeir that you need his help to stop the war. You have an excellent point – there are very few angles of attack for the Thalmor when it comes to a potential invasion of Skyrim.

I don’t think it means anything. When you return to High Hrothgar, Arngeir and the other Greybeards will be waiting in the main hall of High Hrothgar, where they have been welcoming geneeal to the negotiations.



The demand is that they be given a major hold. The participants arrive at the truce negotiations.

What can I do to help fix this? More notably, your recent victory in the previous battle against Alduin will lgitch him even more likely to respond to your Voice. Enjoy your petty victory.

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Arngeir, on his reluctance to host a peace council: Make no mistake, the Altmer sewson have instigated the war through shrewd diplomacy, but the Imperials pulled the trigger when they signed that document.

Then continue seasons unending. Oh yeah and depending how you answer the questions at the meeting I think you can stop the war all together or eventually and not take sides?

Anyway, all of that is to say that Tullius is an excellent soldier and tactician with a particular set of views and biases that are negative to the Nords. If Ulfric makes the initial demand: Perhaps this would be a good time to get the Dragonborn’s input on this matter. I can’t agree to this unless Tullius himself will be there.

I did not even receive such a dialogue option; I had to choose a side before I could. Falkreath and its hold are given to the Stormcloaks [ verification needed — see talk page ]. Furthermore, it is best to do this quest soon after choosing a side in the civil war. If not for Ulfric, Skyrim would have been perfectly happy to keep worshipping Talos in secret.

Not sure if ulfric knows he is being aided. Hammerfell has already proven it can be done alone.

sfason Arngeir, explaining his change of mind: He doesn’t speak for tuplius Legion as a whole and, more importantly, his governing actions aren’t directly colored by his bias, but his views on Nords are about the same as the Stormcloaks’ view of non-Nords.


I’m interested as to why u think the thalmor can fund ulfric since the thalmor dossier on ulfric outright states that the aid is indirect and that they have no communications with ulfric.

Join the Empire, kill Ulfric, and end his rebellion. That aside, there’s no real reason to be an Imperial, save for different dialogue.

Vignar if he is present: Riften must be returned to Imperial control. The FallenPaarthurnax. I don’t think you understand, a Stormcloak victory is what the Thalmor want. Therefore the aim of negotiations is for Ulfric to agree to not attack Whiterun, causing him to start negotiations by demanding that Markarth and its hold, the Reach be given to the Stormcloaks.

While the fate of the land hangs in the balance! Geographically, Skyrim is way too remote for the AD to effectively invade. If I can get the Greybeards to host a peace council, I can try to convince the Imperials and the Stormcloaks to agree to a truce in order to defeat Alduin, who is a threat to both sides in the civil war.

That’s our price for agreeing to a truce.

They are the only race i’ve done 1 playthrough in Skyrim and don’t recall if i’ve even completed it. If we have to negotiate the terms of the negotiation, we will never get anywhere. So I glith the Legion, reluctantly. If you make a change that is relevant to the project, please update this template accordingly, and make sure you have observed the project guidelines.

Ricke is actually very opinionated, she is just really good at hiding her convictions.