I know how that feels, My little brother got into anime and asked me about honorifics, I then explained it to him. Hell, I’m only 3 episodes in. I think I might put This on the side burner until the dub comes out, as I am only 6 episodes in. It’s the burner I see the most. She always voices a loli – and she’s passionate about it. Discovery Instagram media and find your social mate using the best Instagram Web Viewer. Next on the list is Bakemonogatari.

Click it and a text box appears, copy the URL into it and enter, then you’ll be given a description box, leave this blank and the link won’t work. You need to login to view this link It’s from the same author as Elfen Lied, and I quite like it. Charger Girl Juden-Chan Something needs censoring? I’m gonna be waiting for a while. What are you in the mood for? I loved this show. We all have those days, so cheer up.

That’s an incredibly old show. You won’t see him on the front lines. Yup, destroyed my forum level in the process but I did it! I read nothing about it, watched zero reviews, I simply picked it up and watched it without epispde reading the description.

That’s really true, still I’m wondering what episodf gonna do about the supossed ero-scenes, the second season is based in the second game that contains adult situations What are you in the mood for?

You are commenting using your Facebook account. I mean, I’m still abimewaffles to digest all that epic plot twist Sooooooooooooooooooooooo I wasn’t planning on posting these shows yet but since we’ve had a good number of posts without anyone listing anime I suppose I should remedy that.


But they try to live their lives anyway. School Days, for those who have not yet received the baptism of yandere.

I’ve watched attack on titan and sao religiously was very sad when it was over Here’s one that shouldn’t have been animewavfles Aquarion was on of the few series that I was episodr to sit through recently. Waiting a week to find out what happens next is killing me more then Attack On Titans did. Never watch Madoka Magica – we may never seen you again after-words lol Sota’s right, once you watch Madoka Magica, your mental health will never be the same the show’s epic but it will destroy you lol I remember my first time watching it.

Someone said if you don’t, it’s like reading Fellowship of the Ring and saying that the series was done. Is it a future-mystery series? T btw, on a watamote related note, if you have a psp or ps vita “Sweet Fuse” is a great Otome game!

Lol, was there molestation already in glasslkp 1? Off to school epiisode ya after game club: Hollow M Ling wrote: SAO 2 is confirmed Here is to hoping it does not suck nearly as bad as season 2 It was clear that they were going to cover that arc from the novels, I know it’s going to be awesome and like before, overrated as hell.

Also, there was a nice reference to the opening credits at the end. You think it is gonna be 20 meters tall like a Mobile suit or is it gonna be like 2 meters tall like a scopedog?


But this may be due to riki’s desire to save her somehow, but the flaw to this idea is he didn’t know she needed saving – so it leads to the conclusion she did it herself. Okay, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni may be sick and disturbing, but it legitimately has one of the coolest ways of telling a story. I hate when people use that as an excuse, just too vein.

He figured it out. You all are to far gone Yes we are.

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I’m far enough in to kinda understand how it works. Just good foreshadowing in that show. I don’t share american taste. Never watched the anime since I’m more into manags now and Korean dramas animewaftles.

Best Disorder Ever

Soldier Sorajord ShootBreakStab 8. Did riki lose his memories along with rin and its in the future? Anarchide Greedy Bastards If you think about past events – Riki himself characteristics is that of a minor character animewafflds everyone around him has the strong personality and abilities.