The trip is cancelled when Khushi learns about Arnav to have not reached London! It is now four years later and they all are going back to camp rock to be directors. Khushi then decides to meet Arnav in the same restaurant. Will She marry her fiance or go back to her first love. What will the consequences of his decision be? Manorama insults Payal in front of all the guests. She Couldn’t Sleep by Emilongbottom99 reviews She had been counting the amount of times in which he had come up to check on them.

Single ladies by elmocrazy reviews One-shot. What does he do? I couldn’t do it anymore. Naniji overhears their conversation and is very curious. Really bad summary, I know. A badly fitted skirt, a cocky passenger and some unwanted help make this a bus ride, and a day she never expected. The Path More Traveled by darkdaysofsummer reviews His biggest fear was that she was going down the same path he had. Solved Puzzle by Immafan80 reviews Sometimes when you are solved your pieces get scattered and lost, but sometimes you just need the right people to find them.

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

She notices a mosquito sitting on Arnav’s face when he is talking to Nand Kishore about the sangeeth and slaps him to kill the mosquito. Meanwhile, an angry Khushi spills hot tea on Arnav. Her new next door neighbors are rockstars? Here’s where things get interesting. Nani is keen on getting Arnav married and brings him a marriage proposal. Unintentionally In Love by Xx. Shyam tricks Madhumati and Garima into believing that Shashi wants him to marry Khushi.

Follow Demi on her adventure as she searches for her brother, and meet some interesting people on the way. She accuses of him for ruining her life.


Babysitter Wanted by Ezriaismylifex reviews Looking for a committed, responsible young adult able to handle large amounts of pressure.

What Name Shall I Give This Love? season 1 episode 177

How does Arnav react? Second, I included a couple of little scenes from the show in the story. She then asks the elders from the both the families to dance, too. Why can’t I forget my feelings for Irie-kun… you guys asked for M but that starplyaer happen later.

Nani asks Arnav and Khushi to look for her when they come home.

Later, Manorama asks her to leave the house as Lavanya has learnt all the household chores. Arnav on the other hand, also keeps thinking about Khushi. What is the truth? Chapter retelling of Camp Rock but please read. While, Payal apologises to Akash for her behaviour, Lavanya and Nani hatch a plan to make Khushi stay back at the Raizada house. Share them privately if needed.

Later, she asks Nanda Kishore for a favour. Shyam tries to dissuade Madhumati from going to Raizada house but she is determined.

Meanwhile, Anjali asks Khushi to tie rakhi to Shyam. Arnav overloads Khushi with work.

What Name Shall I Give This Love? Season 1 Episode

She’s his student, she’s sixteen. Nani declares that the winner will get a forty-year-old Natraj idol as the award. Something Special by jessalyn78 reviews What happened between Jo and Alex when they returned home from the hospital after Alex told her that he loved her.

Privacy Public Private Choose whether to make your playlist public or private. Shyam tries to cheer her up by getting sweets and decorating the house. Khushi and her family decide to visit a holy shrine. All of her secrets. It was a relationship by Denden reviews Crazy starpplayer The Royals, so I thought I would write my own ditty on the behind the scenes of season one, with our favourite duo Jaspenor.


Read to find what happens! Use of drugs, alcohol and hints of sexual intercourse. She asks her when she broke the fast, before or after the Puja. Give it a shot! Lots of lovin’ aka Lemon! Nanda Kishore plans to starplayeg out of the Raizada house to see Khushi at midnight. Why does Khushi warn him about Shyam’s plan?

Arnav revives Khushi by giving her some water, thus breaking her fast. What does he do? Akash reassures her that he will always be her son. Later, Khushi cures Arnav with her herbal tonics.

This carries on from the last Webisode of Ha Ni’s birthday. Shyam tries to convince Khushi against accepting Anjali’s offer. However, he leaves Khushi’s house when he sees Anjali coming. A lot of people are happy about her decision. Arnav and Khushi spend some romantic moments together. Will Anjali be lucky to avert the ill-fate this time around? Manorama warns her to be ready for a life of servitude to her after marriage.