This section of the Old Testament is chanted by the congregation at the conclusion of the afternoon services on Sabbath eve. Friedrich M-lhelm H artmann. This translation is pieced together from the work of more than six rabbis and scholars. Salomon Herz, Shlomo benYosef, Aug. They lived in Solingen, and the aforementioned Walter Friesem was one of their five children. In the city of Sinzig, surrounded on three sides by the Christian cemetery. In a similar suit over horse dealings against Franz Lambrechts of Gehn, Leib Herz sued him for four reich dollars. Being a sentimentalist and having majored in history at Queens College, I realized that I was in the midst of a gold mine of history gems that should be put into writing before those of us who lived scattered throughout the world would lose contact with each other and would never be able to recall these things.

The Jews were accused of poisoning the wells, the food, even the air. Marx Faber, Mordechai barYaakov, died Aug. Only the supervision of the laws remained with the governing religious body. Herbert Herz and his wife, Bruria Becker Herz, died as a result of an automobile accident in Israel in September, Regina Marx, born Adler, died in Pillig. A document of Emperor Constantine mentions a Jewish community with rabbis, heads of synagogues and community leaders.

Isaac Blnnes renamed Michel Hayn andA. The authority of the local rabbi extended epizode the entire region. The Jews lived at first in the villages and hamlets around Burg Eltz in Wierschem and Miinstermaif eld and, possibly, in Keldung and Lasserg and then in Mertloch.

In the Kingdom of Prussia took over the lower Rhineland and Westphali2 as well but the government in Cologne continued the right of Jews to peddle, which the French had forbidden them to do without a Patent. Creating This Family Tree. From this protection evolved Jewish rights and the Emperor Kaiser was given the responsibility to protect each Epsode person’s rights and property.


Andreas’ son, Moses Andreas A vraham A sher Friesem, moved to the village of Burgbrohl, which is near Niederzissen and not too far from Sinzig, a much larger town. Goldschmidt opened for business. I was asked by Mr. This difference means Ramadan moves in the Gregorian calendar approximately 11 days every year. The town saw destruction several times during the past few centuries.


On August 15, the Mayor of Polch sent a notice to the county government in Mayen “about the formation of a Synagogue Community in Polch as proposed by St. In the First C rusaders a poorly organized, unrestrained army of peasants seeking adventure marched through the Rhineland. When they left they were very much missed.

Both cemeteries were desecrated In Including fami,y synagogue, cemetery, ritual bath, and a wedding and dance hall by The synagogue at Valdergasse 2a next to Emil Herz’s house at the corner “Geh in die Gass” was built in and dedi- cated in His son, Llffmann, lived in Bonn after his marriage inbut moved to Kuchenheim in Please look under all possibilities. Can we survive as a people in Israel our nation and elsewhere around the world?

However, after the war Loeb Hirsch and’ his family probably had to wander about the surrounding countryside once more. On Monday, April 21, my Principal at school, Mr.

There were some gravestones at the rear of the cemetery which were face down and not in place, so I could not read them. Alexander ferger, Alexander bar Avraham, Jan. In addition to being business partners, the Levy and Haas episodw were closely related to each other. The same applied to Cologne, although some of these laws apparently could not really be enforced there. They lived in the Stammhaus on Kloppel Strasse.


Jam3i Family Khalti Bou3lam

Family Haas lived in Pillig, near Naunheim and Mertloch. Gertrude Diewald, born Freedberg, Nov.

There were more than one hundred of them and many of them had epitaphs which survived Hitler’s Holocaust: Besides Leopold Hirsch, they had five other and older children. I71 Mar low, Russell: The Second Crusade, inwas comparatively easier on the Rhineland Jews, mainly as a result of the efforts of Bernard of C lairvaux and C ologne’s A rchbishop A mold ‘s protection.

Full text of “Hoenig Family Collection”

It is said he pursued his teaching and preaching without doing anything else. From him are descended the Sommer family in Rheinbach and Wesseling, who were well-to-do business people in real estate and meat handling.

I92 Herz, Erna Anschel: Heinz Kahnhis mother-in-law, the late Mrs. Wolff, a Torah teacher of the Rheinbach Jews, was the Stammvater of the Metzger family which settled in the county of Rheinbach after Frau Johanna Shr, Niederzissen, Jan. Bibetta Kaufman, born Grunwald, Fzmily. No name very difficult to read 2.

In these pages we have seen how, through a series of marriages, the families were related to each other and how they stayed together in order to survive as a minority in a Christian society which, for many centuries, openly discriminated against them since they were vulnerable scapegoats.