Views Read Edit View history. I have seen reporters out, i assume it is tricky to have to learn a new subject for the day, then move on. If true, that’s a different type of “like”. She happens to be a young black girl too, and now spends more time on her “deal of the day” promotion than anything else. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? The stories they told! One just got here, and the other has been around for a long time.

Erin arrives and makes nearly as much as a main anchor who has been here more than 10 years? On Your Side general Working for You newscasts. As bad as Katherina is on air, it’s hard to believe another network would hire her, or that KATV would spend the money on litigation to keep her, even if only to prove a point. All had an opportunity to shine during the tornado coverage and most failed. Retrieved October 19, — via American Radio History. A sale of any of the affected Allbritton properties to a separate buyer was not an option for Sinclair, as Allbritton wanted its stations to be sold together to limit the tax rate that the company would have had to pay from the accrued proceeds, which it estimated would have been substantially higher if the group was sold piecemeal; Sinclair sold most of the conflict outlets to Howard Stirk Holdings on the pretense that it would forego entering into operational agreements with Sinclair. News cameramen included Bob Donaldson and Lou Oberste.


KATV has used the Circle 7 logo sincea logo that had traditionally been associated at the time with ABC owned-and-operated stationsand was one of the network’s first affiliates to have used the logo as designed by G. She didn’t even get to say goodbye.

The reporter was bad, and KATV is interviewing for her replacement. The studios were damaged in a fire that occurred on October 31 Beth lives in a big house with nice cars and their child is in private school but her husband also does well.

Citizen expresses concern over possible cutting of “Mena Tornado Tree”. He isn’t in that newsroom game. Difficult to understand or interpret, cameras always out.

Well regardless of what her past coworkers have to say about Erin, her performance on Sunday showed ineptness. She happens to be a young black girl too, and now spends more time on her “deal of the day” promotion than anything else.

One more night show hanging with the Chief. And no, she is not renting it. They will be interesting and frequent for three months while Beth is on maternity leave.

Make that man pay for the bleach. Retrieved December 12, Erin does make more, but don’t forget about her alimony.

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A guy with an 18 year old son, spending time going through 2 years of archive of this girl? I’m not sure if that would be admissible, but I think it would nullify any moral ground KATV could stand on. She was a team player, she would MMJ and edit if she had to and she did a lot of Web postings. kafv


And they both make way less than Christina did. Congratulations on your retirement after 34 years csat KATV. You just list a loyal viewer and supporter if your advertising group Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

Arkansas TV NEWS: KATV Sues Another LR Network After Hiring Former Reporter

If you go to the katv bios, all the anchors and reporters are white. They wish they had manager salaries.

Retrieved from ” https: Shame on you How does anyone know what anyone makes? At least two of our management staff take the plunge hoping people will support them with donations.

It’s so silly to spend money on attorney fees when the new network doesn’t even air in the state. Sue her and pretend like nothing is happening and keep the public and your newsroom in the dark.

She’s renting it dipshit. I heard she celebrates the anniversary of every month they are together and it hasn’t even been 6 months.

Saturday Daybreak

I like the way Chris Alyson and Melinda complement each other. I’m assuming they settled. The station is owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group.