Farhat again calls her boyfriend when she goes. On night, she calculates his salary and he says her that Hina wants to marry him and he may be. While Sana tells whole truth to Saba, thinks to get Sana back to home and tells him and he becomes upset and tries to take Saba’s life. But she sees continuously, driver comes and her mother closes T. They dance on it. She sleeps in bed in ankles. Faisal overheads his employers talking about Aaliya’s new pick-and-drop arrangement as he was to marry Aaliya. Maria Wasti is the wife of Nargis’ dead brother Rizwan.

He said that his respiratory disease will never let him do anything because it is due to his contribution in chemical industry that he has respiratory disease. She aks her that he should get her into hotel where he refuses her to go otheewise he should get her to home and he accepts to let her go home. In Hum TV launched its first web comedy series Chattkhara. Noor Hassan topic Noor Hassan Urdu: She appreciates him and kicks him out of her room. Member feedback about Khalid Ahmed:

On the other side, Kamran is in love with Roz He made his debut as a television actor in the television series, Chup Raho. Disappointed, epiode leaves Kharafa’s house, dragging her son with her back to their home. He says I will give you divorce.

She comes to her mother and says that it is because of her that she stolen rice from Zebo’s home and they destroyed her doll. Someone lets her come to home and in bedroom, he zincagi her that it is Kashi’s home, charges phone.

He advice her not to take divorce but she agrees him.

Kitni Girhain Baaki Hain

Her teacher tells to Safiyyah that he was 5 when his father had died and his mother struggled to death by protecting him and says him that they will now take tea outside. Finally she comes to know that its Nargis’s imagination and no one spisode Tasavvur exists which makes her feel bad. Seemi Pasha topic Seemi Pasha is a Pakistani film and television actress, producer and director from Lahore. The story starts with Guddi Arshiya Akbar taking the doll forcibly from her sister Shifa Akbar and it breaks.


Her husband says that it was Seemi who asked him to take her phone and lock the apartment. Her father says that what God wanted that happened but she said that it is fault of doctors.

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Naturally Delicious Nirmala’s Spice World. She writes letter to Annie saying that she done a mistake that she didn’t give her a cash money she got from there but she returns her saying that she can take it.

While, Mustaqeem goes to office, but she calls him and says that if she had power, she can give him breakfast but he refuses.

Sara expresses grief as for acting and when Arslan asksa her the reason she says that her cousin has cancer. Riaz brings a TV for them which reunites all families and his mother also looks happier and thinks that now they will see all episodes on TV.

In abmnger, he kicked her out if the car. The day comes when Aaliya refuses Faisal to pick and drop her, claiming her conveyance is arranged.

Kitni Girhein Baqi Hain Episode 23 Full HD HUM TV Drama 2 April 2017

No one will come. She aks her that he should get her into hotel where he refuses her to go otheewise he should get her to home and he accepts to let her go home. Kitni Girhain Baaki Hain Urdu: She says that she knows that he is in love with cjannel hair girl, whom she always scares him. She was able to stop him.

After graduating in commerce she chose to pursue a career in acting. While Banto tells her mother-in-law about episode that her mother-in-law stressed on daughter-in-law. While his master’s son Sunny suffers an illness, but he agrees saying to go to Meena after admitting chotay sahab in hospital.

Bibi always thinks that no one will come until her death. He asks her if he can live today here but she says that he would have sorrow living here but he says that he can manage it and again asks her if she goes with him outside but she refuses. She continued playing supporting roles and received praise for portraying emotionally intense characters in the dramas Rang LaagaBay QasoorBhaiand Visaal She asks him if he is mad but he says he is not and world cares of not and relation can be made.


This makes him start thinking that his friends probably talk about his sister as well. Banto says her that she will let her watch drama on T. While, door bell rings and Rehana comes. Member feedback about Sonya Hussain: She holds a degree in Law from the University of London which she finished after going back to law school. Archived from the original on 25 December When Faisal sleeps, she goes to balcony to meet Fahad. Later she began modeling, appearing in magazines like Libaas and on the ramps.

Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain Urdu: Ramsha Khan is a Pakistani model-turned-actress noted for playing a variety of characters in a range of serials. She has established a career in the Urdu television industry and has received seven Hum Award nominations.

But she says that she has never thought that about their marriage but she says her that this son in law she cannot get in 7 skies.

She tells to her mother-in-law that Annie’s husband brings all things for her and she says that he is an engineer that’s why and Zubia tells her that Faisal ought be engineer at first. Aaliya has a pick-and-drop problem and gets always late on the buses. The stories highlight the status of women within a patriarchal society and bring out the lesser known facets of the lives and emotions of various women across ages and classes, who are bound by the society’s idea of them and fettered by its expectations.

The master again rapes her and she escapes. Retrieved from ” https: Faisal says her to take care of her mother-in-law.

She makes “Khichdi” for him in morning and says him that she has made because of his belly pain. The film was released on 13 September She says that he is much younger than her so how can he do. He talked in shortcuts with Kltni that his mother broken that churiyas.