Interested in innovative time displays, in Nebel modified an ETA caliber to create a watch called the Variocurve. This is the drawing for a new custom made project. After many experiments, he came up with an oversize minutes hand powered by two counter-rotating eccentric cams. Skeletonized and engraved by hand. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Speaking of selling, Danevych told us that he consulted a Patek Philippe expert before setting the price. He often works with tried and true tractors like the ETA and

Both indicators move in retrograde fashion, snapping back to their starting positions at the end of each trip down the track. Window shopping, German style. A new direction and one I find exciting. Help Forgot your password? This year, three weeks before Baselworld to be precise, Nebel completed a prototype for a new zeitmaschine, this one called the Quickindicator, and the concept plays a trick on your mind. As we reported last year, Danevych and his wood wristwatch with tourbillon caused quite a stir. Nomen est omen and that’s why you will find an octopus skeletonized by hand, engraved and plastically worked out.

This year, Chaykin showed a new and unusual piece that generated significant buzz. His organic creations keep time to within two to three minutes per day.

Click here to watch a video of the Breva Genie I have the image somewhere on my harddisk and will upload kudoktophs change it with yours, ok? I just wonder how many watches he can make. The Kudoktopus me no see it either. This kuroke is completely skeletonized and engraved by hand. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

Interested in innovative time displays, in Nebel modified an ETA caliber to create a watch called the Variocurve.

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The Kalibre-1 is a handwound calibre, in frosted brass with appearances of a traditional German made pocket watch kuodktopus a bygone era. The solid silver dial is electroplated in black and white rhodium. Today he has an impressive body of work that includes 10 patents. The tourbillion mechanism is a cooperation with habring2. A lovely classic timeonly watch. November 14th, 6. If the hand goes around the dial faster, then it must make the trip in less than 60 minutes. The Kudoktopus Can’t see the picture, only a red cross.


The disk spins, displaying each frame for 0. The weekend at the lake also inspired the rngraved for a mechanical watch that could forecast the weather.

The movement winds manually, and the power reserve ukdoke 24 hours.


kuoktopus His background is machining, which is watchmaking if you consider making dials, cases, screws and crowns making watches. You would not think it possible, but if you look closely, the hour and minutes track actually contains a hand-carved typo: The movement has parts made from eight types satch wood, and it uses a traditional anchor escapement.

He makes many of his own tools, as none exist that suit his unique needs. Many collectors are happy if their vintage pocketwatches perform that well. Heart beats at Also the crazy hands are made by hand.

But like most who choose the path less traveled, he was not entirely satisfied working for big brands, even those with impressive names and histories.

Why exchange rings when a watch can show you every moment of your lifetime spent together? Our next creative mind is Valerii Danevych, and some of you may remember him as the woodcarving watchmaker from Kiev. The watch that caught our eye in the Baselworld Palace, a building separate from the main watch hall and housing many independent brands, is the product of a collaboration with Austrian watchmaker Richard Habring.

After sawing the next step is engraving by hand this beautiful butterfly.

Breva puts a mini-weather station on your wrist. This is the drawing for a new custom made project. You might also be interested in: Indeed, the minutes track on the Quickindicator is The special hands are also handmade.


Kudoke KudOktopus. Hand engraved sea creature dial

Both models are 42 mm in diameter, and both use movements based on the Unitas The kudooe, which dominates the engravwd, appears to grow longer and shorter as it traces two sweeping minutes-track arcs across the dial — one near the perimeter at the top of the dial, and the other just below the first.

He branches out with this, his first in-house created caliber with the help of the habring2 in order to have his own hand finished Movt. The minutes hand on the Quickindicator wanders around the dial, completing three laps an hour instead of one.

When you talked to Stefan Kudoke did he mention how long it took him to make that watch or something like it? He started studying watches in The hands are made and engraved by hand also.

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Occasionally he incorporates mother-of-pearl, amber, and even mammoth tusk for decoration. Nebel says that if you take a traditional minutes track that circles a typical watch dial and lay it out as a straight line, it measures about 88 mm in length.

Missed posting this earlier He completed his first watch in The movement is completely skeletonized and engraved by hand. A small, light-color indicator above the track marks the hours, while a more traditional, center-mounted hand denotes the minutes.