Gulf Bank is Kuwait’s second largest and fastest growing commercial bank. Luke, Elena’s ‘friend’ shows up and she almost turns him, but instead compels him to find Bonnie. Season 5 Episode Guide. Stefan is still in the locker underwater and is hallucinating while fighting the urge to turn off his humanity. Kelly can’t afford to get out of jail: Aaron tells Wes to leave him alone as he steals a vial from the lab. While going through Dr.

Wes gives Katherine some disturbing news; Jeremy and Bonnie share a glimmer of hope after talking with Amara; Silas fails to keep a promise which causes Damon to turn to Tessa for help with his new plan; Stefan makes a heartbreaking confession to Damon and Elena. Awards and nominations Novel series L. When Bonnie meets Amara, Amara shows that she can both see and touch her which she explains is because she is the anchor to the other side. Season 5, Episode 2 October 10, The first writers meeting held on April 15, Retrieved March 21,

Katherine compels Matt to give her personal information about Elena so that she can impersonate her vaampire Tyler’s welcome home party, and hopefully learn the whereabouts of her corpse. Katherine continues to struggle with aging and enlists Matt to help her, who then calls Nadia.

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Retrieved November 16, Much love ssaison all. Aaron shoots Damon while Elena is taken away and meets Enzo, who is still locked up after all these years. When Elena is trapped by Wes in a cage she meets Damon, who tells her about The Whittemore family and how he survived.

Klaus also returns and confronts Caroline to admit her feelings for him; this later results in them sleeping together. However, Elena and Stefan are able to escape, and later Elena goes to Katherine to forgive her for all the bad things that she did to her.

Enzo shows up with the antidote for both of them.


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Wes escapes his bonds and captures Damon. Aubrey Plaza dazzles in revealing black dress as she takes on the hosting duties for the show Dressed to impress Jessie J breaks down as she admits she’s having an ’emotional day’ and encourages fans to ‘let your grief out’ in candid Instagram clip List of The Vampire Diaries episodes.

Elena, under the control of Silas, diariea Damon up and attempts to kill him, but by focusing on the negative feeling she’s had about Stefan all summer she returns to normal before she can carry out Silas’ wishes. Katherine, masquerading as Elena, decides to accompany him in hopes of sparking a relationship. Retrieved January 31, Meanwhile, Damon makes a terrifying discovery about a secret society.

Into The Blue 3.

Beautiful tells the story of the early years of singer-songwriter Carole King, and has already been a must-see musical on Broadway and the West End. Nadia returns to Mystic Falls and tries to convince Katherine in becoming a traveler so she could live longer, which Katherine declines when she saiaon Stefan has feelings for her.

Katherine and Nadia are able to find Katherine’s corpse, and then complete the spell. Add the first question. Jeremy is saved by Stefan and Katherine just in time, and when Damon and Enzo meet Wes they are attacked by a group of travellers. Liv tries to kill Elena but is stopped by Damon.

While Elena tries to help Stefan remember how they met and their past, Matt looks for help from Jeremy regarding his missing blocks of time and unusual circumstances upon waking up. After a public meal Nadia reveals to Katherine that she is responsible for her mothers death in Paris when Klaus’ minions came for her.

Back at the Salvatore mansion, Stefan burns his journals and tells Damon and Elena that he doesn’t trust them and doesn’t want to be around them. Wes unleashes a secret weapon to stop him from rescuing Elena. It gives you a credit score value as well as a credit rating between but doesn’t say anywhere what the – Read More. A Star Is Born 4. Once there, it becomes obvious to Caroline that Stefan and Elena are keeping a secret, possible that they’re back together, so Caroline comes up with a game designed to expose the truth.


Stefan and Caroline tell everyone about Katherine being a passenger in Elena’s body.

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Rv Loan Calculator gives this matching service totally free, and guarantee that a completed software. Use the Debt Consolidation Calculator. Then just go for installment loans and lessen your financial burden. Later, after Luke, Enzo, Tyler, Stefan and Elena have passed back through to the living, Luke tries to convince Liv to stop casting the spell. Wes’ files; Enzo claims to have a solution everyone is searching for; Sloan reveals new information on the importance of doppelgangers.

Aaron confronts Elena about his family’s deaths, and Damon reveals that as a part of his revenge, he killed all of the Whitmore family except one, preferring to wait for more generations to be born so he could continue his revenge.

Caroline offers Stefan an unusual form of therapy. Retrieved February 28, Rudy Hopkins Hayley Kiyoko When Nadia found out that Tyler has overheard her conversation with Matt, she gets angry and attacks him.

The Best Jokes of the Oscars 7. In this Security and Privacy Statement, please read references to anz. Maxfield puts in motion a plan that threatens to change everything. Nadia is hallucinating from the werewolf bite back to her search for her mother and Katherine reaches out to Wes to try and save her.