Mihrimah greets her parents and then says she heard she is unwell. If it gets bigger, I will have to resort to another medication. If I made a mistake, I did it unknowingly. Thank you for all of the effort and time in translating each episode of this fantastic series. Do not be surprised at all if Shehzade Selim does confront us. But those men are host off by Beyazid’s men who then approach and aim at Selim’s men and kill them. When he returns he says: Otherwise blood will spill Tugrul Bey!

I don’t want my life to pass by without you. He is always with our Sultana as if he is her grandson. Finally we are once again we meet. If you want, beg for forgiveness. Hurrem is in the carriage with Sumbul who cannot contain his sorrow. You gave me the world by bringing her to me. Only, from now on, you will listen to everything I say from now on and you will not be doing things on your own.

The brothers face each other.

Along with this illness if you are going to stay by my side always, then I am willing to go through all the pain in the world. We must recognize that and played his cards right Simply put, it’s a trap.

It counted only for those wearing companionship in times of plenty? Lala is in the hall and comes across Beyazid: Even in a clear sky, I can sense the storm that is about to happen.

Retrieved muhtesrm October It is important for englisn to keep Hurrem Sultan happy. Forgiveness, Sultana, all this happened in one night. He goes to the messenger and asks where they are coming from. But they are being very unjust. Meanwhile Pedro is on his ship and her words in the letter along with a lock of hair: I know she’s wondering, so I am at ease.


I’m watching in Spanish, which I kind of know, but need help sometimes with your translations. John Dorschner 28 August at aubtitles Your symptoms are trying to tell you something perhaps.

Muhteşem Yüzyıl – Suleyman Hurrem

Do not forget my Shehzade, guzyil important thing is to not fall for your brother’s games anymore. A year after her death, Beyazid, who hasn’t been pleased with his father’s decision, gathers a huge army and goes to war against Selim.

Look well, Suleyman, here, right here, the Ottoman dynasty’s future sleeps.

What is wrong with me? You will apologize to Beyazid. There is no more ambition. Do not burden your heart.

If this fear of mine becomes reality, and I am thrown out from your heart, I will be like a tree that has been left without water, and I will wilt and die.

As if that was not enough, then you sent a snake spy to my palace and had me poisoned. Selim could deny everything, but you came to your brother’s sanjak with soldiers.

I can trust you? You have even drawn the shape of it. Now without shame, you are asking me why I came here? Selim wouldn’t do such a thing.

Victoria who has been renamed to Sadika following entering the harem, becomes a favourite of everyone, and a trusted servant.

I had told you – I have no mercy left for you. I will try my best to speak to him, but a Shehzade who muhteesem already worn his sword and come to our gates do you think that he will listen to me?

Forgive my curiosity, the doctors come and go, the harem is a boiling kettle with gossip everybody is asking about you and everybody is saying that you are sick.


Retrieved 11 February It’s time to forget the war between us and unite against Sultana Safiye. Do not lose your faith. Keep your eyes on her. Everything will be solved peacefully No need to shed blood My meals are cooked in many different ways in the kitchen of the heart. Meanwhile Selim and Beyazid are dressed in their armour. Rustem has come and sees Mihrimah’s servants and then Mihrimah and when she turns around Zal has Pedro.

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This content cannot be copied, reproduced, or used without written permission from blogger user “CrazyTurkVids”. As the candle always finds itself in ruins. You have subfitles been eating properly either. Peace and tranquility is restored when it will solve the problem of money, Your Majesty. If anyone even thinks otherwise, I will take their heads!

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He does not say anything as she turns the corner and is out of sight, but he turns yhzyil Ferhat and says: I ask your forgiveness. Lists of Turkish drama television series episodes. Also, I must say that you made the best choice by sending Nurbanu Sultana to the Aydin sanjak. Fidan “This is yuzil cover our remaining debts for the coloured earthenware, the blue tiles for exampleyou keep your promise as well and finish all the outstanding jobs.

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